Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Miss Pumpkin

Little Miss Pumpkin

(My 7 month old!)

This is the story of Little Miss Pumpkin who a had a very long Halloween. It all began with a yummy breakfast all over our face. After Mommy cleaned her little Pumpkin, Daddy decided it was time to play. After all the playing then came a nap and our favorite meal sweet potato! After lunch this little Pumpkin met her friend the skunk for a little photo shoot. Upon finishing the photo shoot Little Miss Pumpkin noticed the high school homecoming parade was coming down the road. After waving and squealing for all the high school children with Natalie and Isabella (the skunk), Little Miss Pumpkin headed on home for a quick snack before the squadron Halloween Party. At the Squadron party Little Miss Pumpkin played with Daddy and was very cute. On the way home Little Miss Pumpkin was worn out and ready to call it a day! The End....wait not the end..... Little Miss Pumpkin woke up right when we got home and sat on the porch with Mommy to hand out treats. Then Daddy called from "The Tower" and Little Miss Pumpkin got to go take a snack and warm cookies to the hard working crew. Now it is the end and Little Miss Pumpkin is sound to sleep in her bed dreaming about her fabulous Halloween with all her friends!

Feels like Fall

On Monday it was so chilly that I had to break out the new coat (thanks Grandma Linda) for our walk down to Kindermusik. It might be a wee bit big but it is too cute and I am sure she will QUICKLY grow into it! I even found matching mittens and a hat at Wal-Mart. She is all set for winter!