Sunday, December 20, 2009

Splendid Sunday

Sunday Mornings start early around the Schindler house. We love to go to first service. This means we have to be in the car at 8:15am!  Here is Madeline and I before church.

Sunday 002

Here is Nick, Me, Laura, and Jason waiting for Sunday School to start while drinking the yummy coffee they make each week!

 Sunday 007

Here is Miss Carol holding Madeline waiting for us to pick her up after church and Sunday School.

Sunday 009

Then we decided to go with Jason and Laura Brown to The Backdoor Steak house for lunch. YUMMY!

 Sunday 012

We came right home and Madeline took a long nap. Then we headed down to the town square for Candy Cane Cash. All December the local merchants give out tickets. You could win 10,000 dollars!  They had live music and funnel cakes. It was lots of fun but we didn’t win anything.

Sunday 017

To overcome the feelings of sadness we headed to Sonic. Madeline loves their water..or…maybe it is the straw?

Sunday 020

We ended with a trip to Wal-mart. We now have all our groceries for the holiday week!  I hope you guys enjoyed a week in the life of Madeline Grace Schindler. Now we are going to go and count down the hours until Survivor finale starts!