Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Our Way To The Bank

We were about to live on our Saturday morning adventure to the bank. While we were waiting for Daddy I took a little video interview of Madeline. I sure don’t want to forget the cute way she talks!

Madeline interview

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Friday, February 25, 2011


Will loves to look outside after breakfast. He sure thought something was funny out there. He laughed and laughed and of course stopped right when I got the camera.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will’s 15 Week Checkup

Yep, 15 Week…kind of random but the closest to 2 months I could get him in. So we just covered the 2 month well baby visit and the 4 month well baby visit in one visit.

Our Will weighed in at 14.9 pounds, 26 inches long, with a 17 inch head. With those measurements it puts him in the 50 percentile in weight, 89 percentile in length and90 percentile in head size (to hold all his big brains). He is meeting all the developmental benchmarks and doing great. He was sleeping great at night but the last week or so he has decided to wake up a few extra times. He is starting to nap better during the day and boy is he a smiling giggling kind of guy. He loves to talk. If only we could figure out what he is saying. He loves nightly bath time with Madeline. He can shake a rattle super loud and sometimes even scares himself with the noise.  His Bumbo is his favorite seat and would stay there forever. He is the happiest when you are holding him so he can stand or sit up. He likes to be right in the middle of everything and not left out. You will know when he isn’t happy because he does NOT have a soft cry. Here are some pictures after we got home from our Dr. visit.

Feb Fun 077

Look at those cute legs, not quite as chubby as Maddie Grace’s.

Feb Fun 072

Look at those blue eyes and he sure has found his tongue in the last few weeks.