Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our First Travel Adventure

After an uneventful drive from Mildenhall to Bath we stopped at Sally Lunn’s to eat lunch. Yummy! The house is one of the oldest in Bath and the Bunn was first made in the 1680s! Our sandwiches were great and Nick ordered a dessert bunn with chocolate. It was the best.


Next we walked to the Bath Abbey. It was built in 1499. It is said to be the last great medieval abbey built. Repair work was done in the 1600s and again in the 1800s.
disney 176024

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Next up… The Roman Baths

They were super interesting but no strollers were allowed. Will was a big mess. I also forgot his water cup in the stroller. He was thirsty and that is all he could shout about. At the end of the tour they give you a drink of the mineral water. It is not yummy but supposed to be good for you. William drank 4 cups. I am waiting for the benefits to take effect on him. I might also mention that Madeline loves the audio guides and must listen to each one- the entire thing.

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After that experience we decided a long walk outside where we would not bother any other tourists would be great. We walked past the Royal Crescent (built 1767) and the Circus (built 1755). Amazing and so beautiful.

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After all that walking and letting the kids run around a bit we need some food. Yummy Pizza-thanks to the base ITT lady who told us about the great pizza and the ice cream store next door.  The kids were fans and so were we.


Then it was on to our hotel for the next few nights. Wookey Hole. I just have to say we got an amazing deal on the room, the breakfast was yummy, and we got lots of laughs!

The next morning we ventured down for the tour of the Wookey Hole. It has a tour guide, light show, entire story, it was really geared for children and the Madeline loved it. Will loved to climb the rocks and listen to his voice echo.

This was before the tour, we were nervous…

948007disney 249036But we made it and this was the view from outside the hole.disney 253037disney 257038disney 260039

Then they had huge animals and dinosaurs. There were a few picture places…. Should this be our Christmas card?


disney 266041

Inside was a circus museum, Jack Sparrow restaurant, huge indoor play land, ball bit with shooters and parent sized, hall of mirrors, penny arcade, snack bar, and lots of places for William to run around. It was little boy heaven.


On weekends they have a paper making area and a real circus.

After that busy morning we jumped in the car and drove to cheddar gorge. First stop was a local pub for a cheeseburger. It was not an American cheeseburger. The End.. Smile

We decided to save our 12 pounds a person and walk. It was a beautiful walk and not very far.

disney 271043

disney 284044disney 287045disney 292046On our walk back to the car we stopped for ice cream.


Then we drove to Bristol (on the coast) and went to Costco. Finally we drove a crazy google map way back to Wookey Lodge on the narrowest roads. It was CRAZY!

The next morning we jumped up and headed to Stonehenge.

It was raining (actually it had rained most of the time on this trip).  Here I am with my touring partner.




This is what touring with 2 year old Will is like right now. Someone always is restraining. It could be an Olympic sport. (Madeline with her audio guide)

disney 295048disney 314050985015

Then we headed to Wardour Castle. It was built in the 14th century. Early parts of the movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves were filmed here. It is on a beautiful site and the rooms are so interesting. You can imagine how it might have been. It was fun for the kids to climb all around.

995016disney 331052

What a great view from the castle.

disney 336023

Not pictured- William. He fell in the mud numerous times. This cancelled our plan to go to Windsor Castle. We didn’t think the Queen would enjoy a muddy William.

So we headed to our hotel, ordered Pizza, had showers and went to bed.  The next morning we woke up to a knock on the door from the Wisecups! They had a short layover on their return flight to America. We enjoyed breakfast and hearing all about their fabulous whirlwind European Adventure.


Now we need a long rest before we do our next adventure…or maybe a babysitter for Will?

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