Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farewell Party

Nick has been working on a farewell party for the Col. It finally came all together and it was a very fun party!  Here are some pictures of the decorations. The cricut & Dollar Tree sure came in handy! The Col is a huge college sports fan and especially a Nebraska fan.

smaller Farewell 002

Poster of college teams.

smaller Farewell 004

26 tables of fun… Each table had a different college team. Yes, some people did get there early to pick the “right” table. The Texas fans even brought their own tablecloth.

smaller Farewell 006

Ladder ball on the football field

smaller Farewell 001

The Corn-Hole game Nick made… Ohio State vs. Michigan and Nebraska vs. Air Force

smaller Farewell 012

The head table

smaller Farewell 013

smaller Farewell 017

Then they took famous OU players and put the Col’s face on the player. Don’t you know that a true Nebraska fan would love that!

By the way, we just received our orders to Scott Air Force Base!  Click here to learn about our new home…as of the fall!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hair do Hair don’t?

While I was making lunch, Madeline drug her step stool over to the bathroom counter and got herself some hair gel and lipstick. She was very proud of herself and even requested for her picture to be taken.  Note to self… put the hair gel and lipstick up even higher.

***All our videos are now HD so if you watch this video on you tube make sure you click on the bottom right corner and choose the highest number to see the video the most clear.