Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still no baby but we are ready for Christmas!

Nick and I try to decorate for Christmas on Veteran’s Day and then we make anybody that comes for Christmas help us take down the decorations. Madeline is a fabulous Christmas tree decorator, but only the bottom 2 feet.  She also thought all the ornaments that matched should be on the same branch.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


As we are waiting for the arrival of Hot dog we have been spending many evenings relaxing on the couch. (resting up)Madeline informed me that she was being extra cute with her Daddy and to take a picture, please. She sure loves to have her picture taken. I hope she is willing to share camera time with little one!

BSF 002

Big BSF girl

Madeline is doing so much better with not crying during BSF. Her teachers both have commented on how well she knows the songs and sings (loudly).  To celebrate we headed to McDonald’s to have lunch and play in the play land. Thank you Grandma Linda for the Halloween gift card. It made for a very fun treat.

BSF 005

BSF 006