Saturday, June 18, 2011


While Will was waiting for Maddie & I to finish our Sonic Cheddar bites he took us for a spin.


I think 16 is going to come WAY TOO fast.


This week we had the pleasure of having Mandi, Madilyn, and Grace Merritt come spend a few days with us in O’Fallon. They were our friends from Altus. The two Maddie’s have been together since they were a few weeks old! They are only a month apart on age and Will & Grace were due the same day with Grace making her debut a little earlier then Will. Amazing how much they have all grown. I wasn’t very good at picture taking this week. Let me just say that going on adventures with 4 under 3 is BUSY! I think it took us almost a 1/2 hour just to get everyone in their car seats. Here are a few snapshots of our time together. Thanks Mandi for sharing your pictures. Now if my Madeline would just learn to share as nicely.

visitors 042

The Fab Four at the zoo. We could never get all 4 looking at the same time!

visitors 046visitors 048

Popsicles always make the zoo more fun!

visitors 053

Third row seat buddies! I think Will really loved being able to see out and around. I think on the next long road trip we are going to put him back there.

visitors 056

Again, impossible to get all 4 to look at the same time!


I think Will has meet his messy match.

We even went to Magic house one day. It is free for military this summer! Isn’t that fun! Due to the pouring rain we had to have our picnic inside.


Thanks for coming out to visit girls! It is crazy how fast they are growing.