Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Hot Dog

(Yes, we still can’t decide on a name) Today I headed to the doctors office for the yummy glucose test. Nothing like flat orange soda with an extra scoop of sugar at 9 in the morning. They said everything looked great. BHD’s heart rate was 155 and I am up 2 pounds from my pre-baby weight…so that would 17 pounds I have gained after I stopped being sick.  About 100 days left! BHD got his first package in the mail today. It was a fun box of all kinds of treats from The Brown’s. Madeline was so excited. She has been bringing the treats one at a time to my tummy, singing the happy birthday song, and then placing them on my tummy. She got very excited when BHD began kicking super hard at the new Gymboree outfit she brought over. So we know he has good fashion sense?  She has also tried to put on a few of the outfits.  The box has provided hours of entertainment for our future big sister.  Thank you Brown Family. I sure hope we get stationed together again one of these days. I hear that Scott AFB is a fabulous place!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Promotion Sunday

Today was promotion Sunday. Madeline moved up to a new Sunday School class this morning. I’m not going to lie,it was rough. It started with me heading to pick her up after “big church” to walk her to her new class … she was already crying. They had mentioned the S-word (Sunday School).  I carried a screaming Madeline to her new room where I tried to introduce her and myself to her new teacher. At one point I was so flustered I forgot her birthday.  The Sunday School teacher even asked if this was our first time at the church. Finally with the help of Mrs. Joyce (preschool director) unpeeling Madeline from me I headed to my class to meet Nick. Nick knew it was going to be bad so he greeted me with a cup of coffee and donut.  A few minutes later Natalie arrived to Sunday School and reported that when she dropped off Isabella, Madeline was happy and playing.  On the way home we heard all about the new class. She had crackers with cheese for snack, she went pee pee in the potty, played chase with Isabella, and glued a craft. In order to not have to keep five thousand tubs of her art work I am going to take a picture of her with her masterpieces and save only the favorites.


She does look a wee bit ragged after the mornings adventure.

DSCN0146 This is her oh Mommy look.

And finally Madeline’s description of her project.