Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fancy Nancy Party

Madeline was invited to Molly’s Fancy Nancy 4th Birthday party. The girls painted their nails (and the Mommy’s toe nails) and got their hair all fancy.

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I thought Madeline was going to go crazy when they told her she could have purple in her hair. She told me on the way home she was never washing her hair again. Thank goodness it is summer and we have the pool!

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Happy Birthday Molly! It was lots of fun!

Friday, June 29, 2012

J Day

In honor of J day we decided to Joke around with some Jolly Gentlemen. (We went to Sarah’s and hung out in her kiddy car wash.)  It was a hoot!

Will took this all very seriously, it is now confirmed that he is Nick Schindler’s son. He does love a clean car.

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Gabe (or Gave as Maddie calls him) lost his first tooth!







Madeline loved the scooter and was so proud of herself for figuring it out. She only fell off once and didn’t even cry. This hanging out with boys is toughening her up!

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Big discussion on filling up the bottle. (Check out Will in the background, he stayed in that car almost the entire time.)

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Seriously, how much fun does that look that? They had a blast and Sarah even provided lunch. The kids all sat at a picnic table and laughed and laughed. There wasn’t much eating just laughing and being so silly. Well, Will did eat.

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When we arrived back home with got busy on our J day. There was Jell-o eating, a new purple sparkle Jump rope, Jacks, and Just some plain ole’ cuddling with Julie.

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We ended J day with a trip to Jack in the box for dinner. In honor of J day I took some time for Julie and enjoyed conversation with old friends around the world. I got to talk to Natalie in Germany and the old college roommates in Oklahoma. What a great day! God is so good to have blessed us with so many friends all over,and finally a few here!

I will now Jump into my Just right bed and Justify my need for a long nights sleep.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Day

I think today was an Incredible day. We filled our day with Interesting activities.

Madeline was excited to get an Insect kit. It came with a fun container, magnifying glass, and tweezers. We tried and tried to catch some Insects.

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I think the highlight was trying to get the toys out of the block of Ice. The kids worked on that FOREVER. Madeline would come over and say she quit and then a few minutes later she would be back at it with another plan of attack. I wish I would have had video of when she first got a toy out. It was such a treasure. Will just liked being able to bang on something and not get in trouble.

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We finished the day with some homemade Ice cream. Yummy strawberry Ice cream. (See mom I put nuts and chocolate syrup on mine.)

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Will loved the Ice cream.

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Sometimes the spoon wasn’t fast enough so he just used his hand. WHAT A MESS!

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It was an interesting day and I think the kids fell asleep Instantly. It might have been from the morning at the pool plus the I activities. I think I will Investigate my bed, good night.

Monday, June 25, 2012

H Day

With VBS all wrapped up it is time to get back to the Summer of Fun. H DAY!  Today we Happily made Hummingbird food. (Ignore the bedhead)

H Day

Then we did some Hippity Hoppity Hopscotch on bubble wrap. That was really pretty fun. I think Madeline actually liked cutting the tape and making the numbers the most.edited H Day 029

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Then we did a little photo shoot. It was styled and directed by Madeline.

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We did a little family Handprint art. Daddy, Mommy, Madeline, and William. I just need to add the label.


Not pictured was meatball Hoagies for dinner, Hula-Hoops, and reading a bit of Horrible Harry in room 2B. Having Hardly sat down today I will Happily Head to bed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

VBS & Grandma Linda

Nick’s office had a family tour. Grandma Linda headed to O’Fallon to see the good ole’ TACC. Andy was going to be out of town for the week so she decided to spend it with the Schindler Family. It just so happens that it was our CRAZY VBS week. I was directing the 4th grade (5 classrooms of 18 kids). So she came to watch Will and help me around the house. We  were able to squeeze a few things in around Nick’s work and VBS.

On Wednesday night we went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for their free concert. We had a fun picnic and LOVED the Children’s Garden. We got there a bit late so we didn’t get to stay too long in that section. It is a MUST go back.

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Will was reading the sign to make sure it was ok to climb.edited VBS week 046edited VBS week 059edited VBS week 065edited VBS week 075edited VBS week 083

Doesn’t it look like a postcard? It is amazingly beautiful.

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Can you see the two crazy ladies hiding in the maze?

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Not pictured…

zoo, art museum, trip to Costco to see and buy a Blendtex blender, shopping for my birthday present, laundry folding, diner cooking, William chasing, and lots of playing with Madeline. But we did make it to Madeline’s T-ball game. She really is getting pretty good.

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Will snacks his way through the games.

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Coach  Nick helping with a glove or two.

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She smoked that ball!

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Grandma Linda took this before church this morning. Check out my skinny husband. He hasn’t fit into these pants since pilot training!

edited VBS week 261edited VBS week 259 Thanks for coming to visit Linda.

I hope we didn’t wear you out too much.