Saturday, September 20, 2008

Very, Very, Sick

Well, not a very fun update for the Schindler Family. Madeline started to have a runny nose the day we left Ohio and it has just kept getting a wee bit worse. She is even turning into a grouchy girl, so no pictures. Nick and I even woke up with sore throats this morning. I have officially given up on trying to get her back on schedule. It just seems a little too tough when she feels so yucky. I will try again when the runny nose goes away. I sure crave our schedule and routine. It is amazing how much more I can get accomplished and how much happier she is when our days run in a smooth routine. I spent yesterday scrubbing the tile floors. Not a very fun job! I thought our tile was sealed but it wasn't and now we have some stain issues. So that is my project for the next few days, clean the grout and then seal,seal,seal!!!! What a very boring blog.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Time For Everything!

Our Maddie-Cakes has been going to the church nursery since she was 2 months old. She was actually at church when she was only a few days old but finally started talking so loudly it was time for the nursery. This Sunday we loaded up the car and headed to Linda's church. I placed Maddie in the nursery without a single worry. She had NEVER had problems in nursery. Well, towards the end of service off went my kiddie-keeper (pager) saying I was needed in the nursery. I hurried out of the sanctuary and there was little red faced screaming Maddie-cake! She quickly calmed down and finally slept through Grandma Linda's Sunday School class. She is definitely ready to get back on her boring but predictable Altus schedule! Here we come First Baptist and Miss Mary and Miss Feona (Maddie's Sunday Schoool teachers)!


I forgot to post all about the fancy wedding. Last weekend was the wedding of Nick's cousin Matt. Matt and Sarah had a beautiful wedding ceremony that was followed by a gorgeous wedding reception at the schuster center in downtown Dayton. I have posted the few pictures that Nick took. The important things...cake and table to sit at while eating cake. The picture of Maddie and I is from the rehearsal dinner. In the rush to get out the door we didn't have time for a family photo and then Maddie fell asleep right after the wedding and slept through the entire reception until we got home after 11pm! What a little trooper. The food was fabulous and the decorations gorgeous.