Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We were able to once again catch a hop to McChord AFB and drive on to Portland for Thanksgiving. This year we actually arrived at a great time and had a super smooth flight.  It was so nice getting to see Nick’s brother Eric and his wife Sally. They have a very well behaved doggie named Sarah. Madeline was a little nervous about Sarah the first day but by day number two she was hugging, tickling, and playing with Sarah.  I hope Sarah enjoyed all the attention. We spent the days shopping in real stores, taking walks, playing cards, and EATING! Sally whipped up a fabulous Thanksgiving feast along with one of the best chocolate pies ever!  Thanks for the great trip Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally!

Thanksgiving 2009 002 smaller On our way!

Thanksgiving 2009 003 smaller

Can you believe she left those noise cancelling headphones on the entire time on both flights?

Thanksgiving 2009 007 smaller

Yes, Uncle Eric is a scary driver!

Hold on Maddie-cakes!

Thanksgiving 2009 034 smaller

Uncle Eric, Aunt Sally, Sarah, and Madeline on our walk.

Thanksgiving 2009 053 cropped

On our way back from our walk with a very grouchy Madeline.

Thanksgiving 2009 060 smaller

Team Nick, Julie, Sally, and Eric trying to make

her smile in the picture. :)


We are now home and today I think I am going to start wrapping Christmas presents!  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.