Friday, June 26, 2009


We just wrapped up a fabulous week of Vacation Bible School. We had around 20 kindergartners (going to be in first grade next year). They were so fun and great listeners. VBS is always lots of fun when you get to work with your friends. Madeline loved her class and I am sure she was the star of the room. :) She even made a few crafts which I am proudly displaying on the refrigerator. This is our first artwork! Here are some pictures of my fun team and our decorations.
(In case you can't tell the theme was Australia)

Here is my friend Rochelle and me by our outback sheep farm area for the Bible Study part.

Here is Natalie in the middle of missions harbor with our fabulous light house.

(Yes it has a real light)

He is Mandy by her tree and crazy Kangaroo.

Here is Destiny our wonderful high school helper who was such a helping hand she is standing by our window out to the great barrier reef!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

At the last minute Grandma and Grandpa Searl were able to hop in the car Friday and drive on down to Altus to spend the way to short weekend with us! They got in late Friday and left early on Sunday! We were able to play some cards but most importantly they were able to play with Madeline who was loving all the attention. She even showed off some new dance moves that include backwards dancing, twirling and usually ends up with her falling on the floor! (Hopefully I will get video of this pretty soon!) Here are some pictures of our weekend.

This is how happy Madeline is when she has pigtails!

Grandpa and Madeline hanging out at the pool.
The Family After Church
Father Daughter Pictures
Thanks for making the long drive. We sure had fun. I'm sure the girls will win next time in cards!