Monday, November 1, 2010

Singing in the Tub

Some people may sing in the shower but Madeline loves to sing in the tub. Too bad the camera battery went dead right before the grand finale of Jesus, Loves Me.  I think the hiccups really add to the singing.

Kids Rooms

Today I thought I would post a few pictures of Hotdog and Maddie Grace’s bedrooms. We have been busy hanging pictures and curtains. It sure takes a bunch of time to put a house together. Hopefully I will get faster with each move, right?

new house 001

Just waiting on picking a name so I can hang it above the crib!

new house 002

new house 004

Nick is in the middle of making a trundle to go under this bed.

new house 006

Maddie’s craft area.

new house 007

Madeline’s big girl bed with new bedding from Target.

new house 009

Every princess needs a boa, hair bow, jewelry station.

new house 010

new house 013

This is the bookcase Nick made. It just needs the trim added and painted. But, with the garage still a bit of a wreck we are missing a few of the tools needed to finish. :) This is inside her closet. We made a little reading spot in there with a little chair. She loves it and loves the fact that she has figured out how to lock her door! There is a peek into our O’Fallon house.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Little Ladybug Madeline and Daddy went Trick or Treating tonight. This was a great time to meet some new neighbors and look out for some 2 year old friends. We discovered that we live in a neighborhood filled with boys and big kids. But I do believe we might have had the cutest little trick or treater in the neighborhood!

smaller Halloween 007

smaller Halloween 030

smaller Halloween 035

smaller Halloween 037

smaller Halloween 046

What a fun Halloween! We still can’t believe that next year we will have two little ones!