Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Bible Study

One of the highlights of our week is Tuesday Morning Bible Study at First Baptist. Not only have we done some great studies (Motherwise,Beth Moore studies, Truth Project, & Experiencing God) but the nursery watches our children so all of us gals can go to lunch every week. Seriously is there anything a mom of a preschool child craves more then a childfree lunch? Well, Tuesday was my last week. It sure was hard to say goodbye to these ladies that I have shared my heart with for all these months but they sure knew how to make my last week special. They threw a surprise shower for me! Of course that made me cry because it was so gosh darn nice. I can’t believe I forgot to get a group shot of all the ladies.


The super yummy cake from Junes! Thank you guys for the special day, it sure helped take my mind off of moving. My Tuesday mornings are just not going to be the same without you guys. I have been so blessed!


There are few things in this world that can make a person feel more at home in a town. One of them is a great church. We have LOVED First Baptist Altus. It has been a wonderful place to start our family and the children’s program has a huge family in Madeline Grace. Here are some of her friends!


Isabella, Miss Joyce (the preschool director), and Madeline.

I can not count the number of times Joyce has comforted a crying Madeline, worked to get her comfortable in a new classroom, or even offered to switch people or classrooms for our Madeline. Thank you Joyce for making it so easy to leave Madeline at the nursery.


Miss Mary and Madeline

Madeline has been with Mary from the time she hit was 12 weeks old. Madeline had the hardest time leaving Mary and moving on to the “big” girl classrooms. There are many weeks we would drop Maddie off at the 2 year old room and pick up Madeline from Miss Mary. She loved Miss Mary and always wanted to help her with the babies. Thank you Mary for loving on our Madeline for all this time.


Miss Fina and Madeline

Miss Fina is Mary’s sister and has had Madeline throughout her time at FBC. This year Madeline moved up to Fina’s room for Tuesday Bible Study. The first few weeks Madeline would tattle on herself and tell us she had cried and cried in Miss Fina’s room. The last few weeks she has done great and there is nothing cuter then seeing the 8 two year olds in the classroom sitting around the table eating lunch. I don’t know how Miss Fina does it but she does! AMAZING!

Thank you First Baptist Church! The next church is going to have a tough act to follow!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday School Class

Nick and I were so blessed to have an amazing Sunday School class in Altus filled with many friends. The greatest part of each week was hearing everyone discuss the lesson, ask questions, and share their hearts. It was a very special place.  The last Sunday we were in Altus they had a fabulous after church potluck to give us a bit more hanging out time! Thank you Larson family for hosting!


The girls from Sunday School, plus Ethan Shaub. :)


The boys from class.

What a fun group we sure are going to miss you guys! Hopefully the Air Force will bring at least some of us back together again.