Friday, May 6, 2011

John Deere

After it took Nick and hour and half to mow our yard he started thinking about a riding lawn mower. I had already thought of one after I mowed it one time. This yard is crazy big!Today he found a great deal on Craig’s List.  So we made a little trip to Millersburg, Illinois to pick up our new John Deere. I do think every time we start to make a little room in our garage somebody fills it back up.
tractor 004
Nick loading the tractor.
tractor 005
Madeline waiting for Daddy to load the tractor.
tractor 006
The sign outside the restaurant. We did have a tractor on a trailer…did that count?
tractor 011
tractor 012
I can’t decide who looks more excited for the first ride.

Getting Dressed

Madeline loves to get herself dressed. She does a pretty good job (I have her outfits matched on hangers). But, every once in a while she branches out. Today I told her it was a bit chilly and she might want to put on a sweater or pick a long sleeve outfit. Here is her choice…

tractor 002



Yep, that would be her white cardigan under her purple t-shirt with elastic band shorts with a belt thrown on over. Don’t miss the blue plaid shoes. How can you not smile? And yes I did let her go out that way and even out to dinner. She was so proud of herself.

Cake Decorating

A few weeks ago I bought a $20.00 groupon for a 2 hour cake decorating class. Last night was my class. It was super fun and it even came with a cake decorating kit from Wilton. Here are my two creations from my class.

cake decorating 002

Not too bad for my first time and trying out some fun tips.

cake decorating 004

Watch out world I have a new hobby!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today has been absolutely beautiful. We just had to celebrate with a trip to the neighborhood park and walking trail.  I’m really starting to LOVE this place… or maybe it is because my baby is sleeping through the night and taking two good naps a day that helps my attitude.

park time 007park time 008park time 012park time 018park time 023

park time 034park time 038

Isn’t it beautiful?  Now…who wants to move to Scott? I’ll find you a house in our neighborhood.  Tara???