Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daddy’s Little Helper

Madeline loves to be a helper. It is amazing how she can notice the instant Nick goes outside. She runs to the door eager to help (unless he is using a noisy tool). Here she helping him over seed our new backyard. The funniest part was that Nick had his headphones on and couldn’t really hear her but she talked to him the entire time!

smaller pumpkin patch 002

You sure can tell where the front yard sod and the backyard meet!

smaller pumpkin patch 008

Here she is telling Nick he has 3 more rows.  I wonder where she gets that bossiness?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Church Day

Today we headed to FBC O’Fallon. Nick & I were both nervous for the nursery and Sunday school drop off. We weren’t feeling any better about it when Madeline cheerfully said in the car on the way there “Here I come Mary and Miss Julie!”  We tried to explain that they were at our old church in Altus to which she replied that she was sure Isabella would be there.  She tried very hard to be brave the whole way in and even waved at a few people. The tears began as we walked away. But she made it! Yep, no having our number flashed on the big screen or anybody show up at our Sunday school room. Now, let’s just pray that Wednesday goes just as great if not better. Here she is before church.

FBC O'Fallon 003

She even found her sunglasses and backpack and headed out the door without us! I wish she stayed this excited when we dropped her off.

FBC O'Fallon 001

This morning as she was getting ready I told her that she should try to find a friend at church and maybe we could invite them over to play this week. When we picked her up the teacher asked if we had just moved to a new house. Then she told us that Madeline had invited her over to play. That sure made us laugh. I guess she really does listen and remember……….. sometimes.