Sunday, February 1, 2009

1st Super Bowl

Here are a few pictures from Madeline's first super bowl. I think she enjoyed her Dad's focus on the game so she could make a quick play for the remote that ended with Nick saying how in the world did you get that? This has been a nice relaxing weekend. Nick and I spent yesterday goofing around the house and today we taught Kindergarten Sunday School. It was so much fun. Nick was the hole punch boss and the snack and drink chief! Here are a few pictures to show how a real super bowl party goes with a 10 month old!

Seriously, this guy is sort of getting on my nerves!

I'm just feeling my 2 brand new teeth on the bottom! I am so grown up! (10 months old)

There it is the remote..and Daddy looks distracted!!!!


Rats! Daddy noticed!!!!

Now I am going to pout and be in a fight with my mean old Dad!

I guess I am not that mad! Happy Super Bowl day everyone!!!