Saturday, January 14, 2012


The finally day in our week in the life series. It has been fun and sure does make me tired reading back through our week. Now I know how all our days go so fast!

Our morning started with William. He was awake bright and early. Nick finally went to get him at 6:45. I stayed in bed until 7:00 as a matter of principle. Madeline slept until 8:00. The party last night really wore her out!

edited  Saturday 002


I do think he is the funniest thing walking around. He just looks so much like a little old man from the back.edited  Saturday 003

Then we had the other half of the cinnamon rolls I made the other day. I had froze them. It was a bit of an experiment and it came out great. This time I made a cream cheese, powdered sugar, butter topping. YUMMY!

After a quick shower we all loaded up. Nick dropped Will & me off at Joann fabric. I am working on a Valentine’s Day wreath for my door. I’m just about finished. I will post a picture on that another day.

Here Will is saying… this. Yep, new favorite word. This, this, this and points all day long.


Saturday 015

Meanwhile, Madeline and Nick headed to build and grow. Today was a princess castle. It has a working draw bridge and real stand up people. She loves it!

After picking up the crafters we all headed to the mall and chick-fil-a. It is a family favorite!

We then decided to head into St. Louis and go to Costco. Will took a bit a nap on the way in. Here I am returning some jeans my mom bought. Every time I talk to her she asks if I have returned them. Now I can say yes with picture proof.


I also bought some B-12. Last night in bed I was watching Dr. Oz. (I DVR it daily and watch it before I go to sleep.)  He said that 40% of Americans are low in B-12 and when he listed the problems with low B-12 levels (tired, memory loss, tingle in hands or feet) I think I might have them all. So I am out to solve it. Nick just shook his head because these things happen often when I watch Dr. Oz.

On the way home we saw this Coyote. Madeline was very excited..but just for a bit…

This was just a few minutes after the sighting. Next to her Will was wide awake. I don’t even know how she slept with all his blabbering. We also stopped at Starbucks on the way home! YUM!

Then I had to finish working on my first grade Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. Nick and I teach every other week. It makes it so nice to job share with another couple. That way we still get to our class. The story is about Daniel choosing the “good” foods. I’m so thankful I read this before I bought doughnuts for the class.

While Will got a quick nap, I cleaned up the kitchen, chatted with my old friend Diane, did a load of diapers, and Nick did our taxes then we headed out to dinner with the Brown family.

edited IMG_3999

Thanks Laura for the picture. Will and Tru had a few staring contest and we all loved our food! It was the restaurants anniversary so the famous chicken dinner was 1/2 price. The Schindler family ate for 11.63 plus tip! AMAZING food and FUN friends. Now the kids are asleep and I was watching the Denver game but it was half time so I am taking a break to blog. Thank you for joining us this week. This now concludes the 2012 Week in the Life Series, we will now return you to randomly not scheduled blogging.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Friday is always our clean house day. It feels nice going into the weekend with clean bathrooms and floors. We were having our friends the Dally Family over for dinner. Their husband/dad is on the last 77 days of a 365 deployment! So I got started cooking early. I am loving my new cookbook Nick bought me.

edited  Friday 001

I am not a neat cook. It is ALWAYS a huge mess. Tonight’s dinner was beef burgundy, mashed potatoes, corn, bread, veggie tray, and Tara brought dessert.

edited  Friday 002

While I was cooking Will emptied a few drawers.edited  Friday 003

I chopped up a million things.

edited  Friday 004

Madeline’s kids had school.

edited  Friday 010

Will and Madeline decided to hide behind the curtain. Then Madeline played peekaboo with Will. He was laughing so hard at one point I thought he might throw up. He thinks she is the funniest thing in the world.

edited  Friday 011

Pearl ONIONS! I thought I was going to die trying to peel them. Then I looked on YouTube and found a great how to video and it only took me 5 minutes. So I finally got all the stuff in the crock pot and started on lunch. Just kidding I fit baths for the kids and bathroom cleaning in before lunch.

edited Friday 014

Lunchtime…Ham sandwiches with mayo,lettuce,tomato,cheese, and cucumber. (On yesterdays homemade bread) YUMMY!

edited  Friday 015

Madeline like the chips the best. (Who doesn’t?)edited Friday 018

Will just likes to eat. He will always give me a grin in the highchair.

edited  Friday 022

Nick loves St.Louis because the Price Is Right is on at his lunch time. We NEVER miss a show. It is even becoming a contest at lunch. He always gets the car amount rights but I beat him if it has to do with grocery store items.

edited  Friday 024


While Will took his nap Madeline played with her dolls and animals. She was the mommy and at one point they all needed 5 shots. It was not a happy day in her family.edited  Friday 031


Meanwhile I was on my hands and knees cleaning the wood floors. My neighbor told me that her cleaning lady uses hot water and 2-3 drops of Old English furniture oil. It works so great! It lasts much longer then when I just Swiffer.


edited  Friday 035

Madeline set the table.

edited  Friday 039

Yep that is how my French bread looked like after I proofed it. I think an elephant snuck into my house and sat on it. A quick phone call to Nick at work and he stopped and bought some on his way home for dinner!

edited  Friday 040


Will continued to climb on everything and say Ta-Da when he would get to the top.  We also Skyped Grandpa Ross to wish him Happy Birthday and watch him open his present. I forgot to take a picture of that! Sad smileedited  Friday 046

Madeline picked up the toys and when I took her picture she snapped her fingers and said “Yeah, Buddy”.  Such a nut. Also, when Will pulled the basket down to play she hit him over the head with her pom pom and told him no. She said she just didn’t have time to always be picking up after kids.

edited  Friday 050

The final touches to the crock pot, mushrooms and pearl onions sautéed.

edited  Friday 052

Here we are eating. Another crockpot success. We even had people go back for seconds!

edited  Friday 054

edited  Friday 056

Then we put in Car 2 3-D and ate some popcorn. Will loved the popcorn part but he has got to learn how to eat it neater!


edited Friday 057

Madeline is crazy about these two. After the movie they played chase and wrestled around on the floor. She was so excited. She even announced to them that she was the princess. I think she was trying to decide who would be her prince. They sure did a great job tiring her out!  That is the end of our Friday. See you tomorrow for the last day of our week!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Snow Day! It was super windy, cold, and snowy around here so we lived it up in our pajamas!

Our morning started about 7:00ish. Anytime I can put my feet on the ground after 7:00 is the best! I quickly put the sticky buns in to cook while I made a pot of coffee. edited Thursday 001

Madeline was in awe of the snow and just loved watching the cars on the road behind our street.edited Thursday 002edited Thursday 017

Then finally my rolls were done and my pot of coffee!

edited Thursday 005

They were a hot sticky yummy mess. I had a few issues when I was flipping them out of the pan. Then my neighbor Brenda came over. She is the best neighbor we have coffee on the mornings she doesn’t have to work. She lives right across the street and comes on over in her robe with her slippers. This morning she even brought her own coffee. She loves blueberry flavored. We were busy chatting and working on the O’Fallon baseball auction. I forgot to take any pictures of us but here are some of the projects.edited Thursday 006

edited Thursday 007The coaches favorite words on banners. I made a few of the banners with an O'Fallon O and a baseball but these will have the words with a little O. So we decided on the size of letters and during Will’s naptime today I got them all cut out! We had a hard time getting them the right size and deciding on the layout. There was lots of paper cutting. Will went down for a morning nap and Madeline just played around with her dolls. I worked on the letters and cleaning up my crafting mess. Next Nick came home for lunch and when he headed back we cuddled up.edited Thursday 014

I had bought Curious George the movie awhile back but was saving it for the perfect movie day. Today was the day. We even had popcorn. Will & Maddie loved the popcorn!edited Thursday 019

I started sewing the pennants for the auction. We are going to use them in some of the auction baskets. 1 down and 7 to go.

edited Thursday 010


After Will’s afternoon nap there was time for some ball playing. He still gets so excited when he can bend over and pick up something without falling over. edited Thursday 018

This is what the family room looks like after a day of playing inside. At least everyone helped to put it all away before bed.

edited Thursday 020edited Thursday 022

Tonight was a leftover buffet, at least I made some homemade bread to go with.  What a nice lazy snowy day. I can’t believe we are already finished with Thursday! See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Our morning began with a little Clifford while we enjoyed our waffles, eggs, and pears. edited Wednesday 004edited Wednesday 005


I enjoyed my coffee creamer. This is my addiction! I LOVE IT!edited Wednesday 007edited Wednesday 009

Then Paul Bunyan was all ready for his first day in the BSF walkers class.

edited Wednesday 017

This was Madeline’s model pose. The wink is what really takes it over the top.


Here is Madeline finding her name tag at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). She can even find Will’s. What a helper. She calls BSF school and takes it very serious. Just ask her teachers, she is the question answering champion. We are just thankful that she doesn’t cry every time I drop her off anymore.

Here is one of Madeline’s BSF teachers. Her other teacher was getting ready to give the children’s story to the adults so we can see how they learn in the children’s area.

Here is Will with his two new teachers. They said he did great on his first day. He was doing pretend sneezes while I was trying to take the picture. What a ham!

Here is Laura and I in “big church”. We are even in the same group. Don’t you feel sorry for our leader?

Also why do I look like King Kong in this picture, with the world’s hugest head?

(Even Photoshop couldn’t fix that!)




After BSF we hurried home to have lunch with Nick. He comes home almost everyday. The kids love it and I like it when he helps eat up leftovers. Smile

Will was exhausted from “school” so he headed down for a nap.

edited Wednesday 022

You can just barely see his Schindler head.

edited Wednesday 018

Madeline and I opened my exciting vinyl package. I got wall vinyl, iron on  vinyl, glossy vinyl, matte vinyl… vinyl, vinyl,vinyl. Oh the projects I can pin on pinterest now!

edited Wednesday 019

Madeline and I had time for a little tea party. We love to play with the little things when Will is asleep. We also just goofed off and watched some Aladdin on the couch.


edited Wednesday 024edited Wednesday 036


Then with Will back awake we headed to the basement. edited Wednesday 027


I watched Project Runway all stars. It always gets me jazzed up about sewing.edited Wednesday 029

Will and Madeline had “dinner”. She kept telling him he was the daddy and calling him Nick. I think he was so confused by the end he didn’t even know who was who.

edited Wednesday 040

I made shrimp and sausage jambalaya for dinner. It was pretty yummy. Will loved it, even the shrimp. Madeline cleaned her plate too. We finished up the French bread from the night before.

edited Wednesday 041

I made my dough for my caramel nut rolls. My neighbor Brenda is coming over in the morning for coffee, crafting, and caramel.

Anybody else in the area (Laura) is welcome to stop on by.

edited Wednesday 045

I made chocolate chip cookies. So this evening we all enjoyed milk and cookies, playing ball, watching wheel of fortune, and a little bit of cars race track. Another exciting day.

Tomorrow it might even snow!