Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Counting & Cake

My little counter 26 months
A future cake decorator


I haven’t been home to Wichita since November of 2011!  CRAZY!  We finally planned a 5 day trip.  This is the first time we have traveled anywhere that Will has not cried the majority of the way. Thank you for Team Umizoomi videos and ABC games. Madeline was really quiet on the trip and didn’t want to eat anything. The first morning there Madeline got sick. She threw up and had a fever. Boo on our fun plans. We turned the week into a hangout at Grandpa and Grandma’s house and relax. Nick and I went to see a movie and we even enjoyed a relaxing meal without the kids!  I was able to visit my Grandma and finally by the last day the kids came along. I still can’t believe so far nobody has come down with the crazy fever! Here are some pictures of our days in Kansas.


Enjoying Pete the Cat from Diane one of my FAVORITE teacher friends. (I got to stop by and visit my old school and see my friends.)


grandpa Ross grandma Jenna and kids3

So hard to wrangle 4 people!


Great Grandma and the kids.


Maddie & Grandpa cuddles!


Poor Grandma trying to wrangle William!photo 223

Little sick one!


A Shocker victory!

Now we will not wait so long to visit especially with Will getting to be a better traveling man.

Sunday, February 10, 2013