Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ultrasound Day!

The day finally came! We were going to learn if Baby hot dog was a boy or girl.  Madeline was so excited. The entire way to the hospital she talked about seeing Baby Hot Dog’s picture. She told the people at the hospital she was seeing Baby Hot dog’s picture. Even when she finally saw the picture she scream, BABY HOT DOG!  Here are some pictures of the Schindler BOY that is set to arrive November 13. He looked very healthy and was nice and active. He was actually asleep but then my tummy sure started growling and he woke up and started moving. Madeline has even felt a few kicks and thinks it is pretty strange.  We sure are blessed!

Here is his foot kicking me.


Here is his little face on the left side. It is a pretty good profile shot.


Here is his super skinny arm. He had it resting on his forehead for awhile and the other arm was laying on his tummy.


Finally, this is the one Nick is most excited about. The arrow points to how we know Baby Hot Dog is a boy.


We will be gladly accepting all hand me down boy items. Otherwise Baby Hot Dog will be enjoying ruffle pants, dresses, and lots of hair bows. Now to think of some boy crafts I can begin after vacation Bible School.

Pool Fun

With Nick off flying, Madeline and I went with some friends to the base pool. We especially love the snack bar. They have a great ice cream cone there! Here are the cute 2 year olds! Madilyn, Eva, and Maddie Grace

There were a few older girls there and they were laying in the pool getting a tan. Madeline decided to try it out.

Vacation 2010 052

It was also fun to try and climb the fence.

Vacation 2010 054

Here she is introducing Eva to some new friends.

Vacation 2010 050

And here is my bossy little one trying to organize pool time.

It is such a rough life. :) Happy Summer Everyone!!!!!