Thursday, June 24, 2010

VBS Big Girl

After a rocky first day it has been going much better! She has spent the last few days in her BIG GIRL room and has been loving every minute of it. She even told her teachers she would see them tomorrow. Here she is with her projects. She is so proud of her horse she couldn’t even hold still. She also made an “All About Me” book. I also learned at lunch that she played chase, went down the slide, took care of the babies, had music, played with Bella and Madilyn, and fell down. I think it was an action packed morning and there was NO arguing at naptime. I think she was very ready to rest. Look at those tired eyes in the pictures.

VBS big girl 004 smaller

VBS big girl 001 smaller

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


What a fun day with friends. First off, Madeline made it the WHOLE time in her big girl VBS room and didn’t have to go be in the baby room with Miss Mary. This is a BIG step for her. When leaving her teacher asked if she was coming back to the big girl room tomorrow and she said a very loud YES. They painted, played outside, enjoyed the water table, and of course played some chase. Who wouldn’t want to be in the big girl room. Today Isabella came over for lunch after VBS. I think my favorite part was the sound of giggling girls in the backseat. Then they laughed and laughed all during peanut butter sandwiches. They are sure are cuties!VBS 050 smaller

The little crafters with matching pig tails.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father’s Day

Well, to celebrate Father’s Day we went to the ER. Madeline woke up with a 103 fever and all the signs of a UTI. With her kidney reflux we know the routine. Head to the ER and get some medicine. So instead of celebrating Wild West Sunday with the new outfit I had stayed up way too late the night before working on, we went to Jackson County.  Let’s just say that we were ALL tired and cranky. Sorry Nick that your Father’s day was so grumpy. At least we got a good laugh out of this video later and I am sure it is just going to get more funny as the years go!

*** Note, we are on our 2nd type of antibiotic and praying for her to get better.***

This is…

This is what happens while I’m out to dinner. A little Daddy- Daughter chit chat.

**Ignore the crazy hair. It had been a ROUGH day at VBS.**

Motorcycle Fun

Last Friday night we went to the local motorcycle dealership and watched a professional motorcycle trick rider. It was blazing hot but super fun to watch. I kept thinking we were going to end up on the news because the guy was going to crash. Luckily he did not crash and Madeline loved the show. Did I mention it was free? I sure love Altus!

Motorcycle 015 

Madeline was trying to get the hair out of her face.

Here is a little video of the riders!

Then tonight I went to dinner with the girls. We sure laughed a bunch and I think we were the loudest group there!

It was Tara, Klara, Vicky, Aimee, Mandi, Natalie, and Me.  Mandi’s family is about to move to L.A. and Vicky’s family is leaving for six months of training!  Six of us all have 2 year old little girls who LOVE to play together. Did I mention how much I love Altus? Except when people leave!

Motorcycle 037