Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a fabulous holiday. We were triple blessed to have all the grandparents come to be with us for Christmas.  My parents arrived on Saturday and Nick’s family arrived on Sunday. We spent the time eating, playing games, movie watching, opening presents and spoiling the kids. Here are some pictures of our time together.  We started Saturday morning with Krispy Kreme donuts! YUM!

Christmas 2012 00513

We filled our cups with hot chocolate and went and looked at lights.

Christmas 2012 06515

There was lots of snuggle time.

Christmas 2012 06716Christmas 2012 08017 

Please notice GG in the background working on the puzzle.

Maddie took Gingerbread house making very serious.

Christmas 2012 08218

Our traditional group shot before we went to Christmas Eve Service.

Untitled-162Christmas 2012 12023Christmas 2012 13824Christmas 2012 15125Christmas 2012 15426Christmas 2012 16727

Upon arriving home we had to put on the matching PJ’s I had made.  What a group of good sports.

Christmas 2012 18934Christmas 2012 20335

Christmas 2012 17830

We played Minute to Win it holiday edition. (Boys won this year.) Here is Andy and Linda playing Merry Fishmas.Christmas 2012 21037

Will just liked the x on the floor.

Christmas 2012 20936

He then went back to his favorite thing. Basketball! (He kept crying because he wanted to go outside and play basketball so we finally just brought the thing inside.)

Christmas 2012 18333Christmas 2012 17329Christmas 2012 18132

Then it was Christmas MORNING!

Christmas 2012 21838

Can you believe I had those packages wrapped under the tree for over a month and the kids never bothered them. I call that a Christmas Miracle.

Christmas 2012 22539

Christmas 2012 22840Santa brought the big doll she wanted.

Christmas 2012 23942

Will opened one gift and was happy the rest of the day.

I made caramel nut rolls.

We ate breakfast and then the gift opening began.Christmas 2012 27849

Christmas 2012 16928Christmas 2012 22941Christmas 2012 24243

Watch out world- Madeline has a bow and arrow!

Christmas 2012 25144Christmas 2012 25445Christmas 2012 26046Christmas 2012 27347Christmas 2012 27448Christmas 2012 28450Christmas 2012 28651

Happy Birthday Jesus! We also reread all our Truth in the Tinsel and took off each ornament as we read the part. It was a great review and reminder to all of us about the true reason for Christmas.

Christmas 2012 29352

Right before GG quit on the puzzle.

Christmas 2012 29453

Nick playing his new video game.

Christmas 2012 30854

The Grandpas taking care of the trash.

Christmas 2012 31055

Poor WILL!

Christmas 2012 33556Christmas 2012 34357Christmas 2012 35058

You know there was card playing!

Christmas 2012 35359

Grandpa Ross was the big winner! He also took home a cold from the Schindler family. Merry Christmas Dad!

Christmas 2012 35460

Thanks everybody for making the trip to O’Fallon!  We had so much fun!!!!

Please enjoy these short crazy videos…

Jingle Bell Hop


deck the balls
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Our friend Tara gave the kids an old accordion that her boys didn’t use anymore. It has provided hours of entertainment- and a few times it has required a dose of Advil.