Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play date Fun

Today we had a fun play date with the girls. It was a sort of sad day because Madilyn is moving this week. These girls have been playing together forever!  Here they are in action.

Here is Bella and Madeline Grace waiting for Madilyn.

Yes, the tractors were the highlight of the day.

The girls even got seats to enjoy the show.

Playdate 006

Finally Madilyn arrived (and she even brought lunch)!

Playdate 013

Then they ran inside for LUNCH!

Playdate 014


smaller Playdate 032

Finally it was time for the workout of the day.

Then they jumped some more…


Are you tired yet? They were!!! It was finally naptime. Madeline took a nice 2 hour nap and I did a wee bit of resting myself. We are going to miss you Mandi, Madilyn, and Matt.  Safe travels to L.A. and we will be checking out the blog for updates!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my 34th birthday and it has been a pretty fabulous day if I do say so myself.  I really do love birthdays and my family has ALWAYS made it special. So here is my day….

Madeline and I on our way to Bible Study. I think I did pretty good for just sticking my arm out.

Birthday 004

 Mandi, Me, and Natalie at Bible Study. This was Mandi’s last week because they headed to L.A.  It was also our last week before our summer break.

Birthday 005

Then after Bible Study we ate at the pantry. (I forgot to take a picture of that.) And after naptime Natalie, Isabella, and Ethan stopped by and brought yummy Starbucks. Finally, Nick came home and we went out to eat. I should have double checked the picture.

Birthday 006

Nick surprised me with a yummy white cake with this great whipped icing. YUM!!!

Birthday 007

Here is Nick and Madeline right after the Happy Birthday song.

Birthday 008

Madeline and I after a second singing of the song. Can you tell she is excited about the cake?

Birthday 011

The day finished with another round of Happy Birthday signing with my parents on Skype, a gift of comfy P.J.’s which I am wearing and laid back T.V. time. What a super fabulous birthday! Thank you to EVERYONE that made it special.