Friday, November 9, 2012

Will’s 2nd Birthday Party

Today we had an Umizoomi birthday party for little William. It was Umi-riffic! We did Breakfast with Bot. Our food was all shape themed. We had Triangle Waffles, Circle hash browns, Egg Casserole (made in a muffin tin to make it a circle), triangle cantaloupe, oval grape, rectangle pineapple, crescent apples, circle bananas, rectangle bacon, and marshmallow shaped cereal. YUM!!!!

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Grandma Linda and GG whipped up Bots for the little birthday boys and Milli and Geo for Madeline and Will. Will was so excited when he saw all the Umizoomi fun. He carried around Geo, Milli, and Bot most of the morning.

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A party isn’t complete without a banner.

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While Grandma Jenna was the waffle short order chef Grandpa Ross was helping Will with this shape placemat.

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You can always fit a bit more in if you use your finger to hold it!

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We then played Bingo by looking all around for the Umizoomi characters and numbers. We finished the morning by making our very on Super Shape belt.

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Impossible to get 5 Two year olds to pose for a picture, but we tried.

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Will was thrilled to be finished with picture taking an on to cupcake eating.

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The pretty princesses had fun doing “girl” things while the boys played.

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Happy 2nd birthday Baby Will!