Monday, May 27, 2013


I didn’t have enough room on my project life to add all the pictures from our adventures in Ohio..

ohio 024504ohio 034505ohio 040506

Will loves his GG but maybe loves his peanut butter crackers more?

ohio 048507

Madeline and Andy-o as she called him this weekend.

ohio 054508

A little before church picture.

ohio 069512

Nick in his new outlet purchase. Oh so very English.

ohio 080514

My new dress from my parents. I LOVE IT!

ohio 084516

Will was DONE.

ohio 087519

I little Mother and Son picture.

ohio 094523

Grandma and Grandson photo time.

ohio 097524

Madeline felt like we hadn’t taken enough of her so she wanted a few more. (I do love this kid!)

ohio 099525

A cookout with the cousins. Will ate all his food and then while the others ran off to play he ate theirs too!

ohio 103526

Yep, they were mid bite!

ohio 113527

The Bubble machine was a huge hit!

ohio 115528

Madeline loved being the older cousin to little Reagan.

ohio 123529

Reagan takes her sports very serious!

ohio 125530

A little chit-chat while the kids play.

ohio 128531

You will be Will’s best friend if you play basketball with him.

ohio 131532

Sure, he doesn’t still need a nap!

ohio 134533

We had to drag her away from Sydney and Abby. They had so much fun and were so very kind to her!

ohio 140535

Thanks for the fun trip family!

Trying out her new workout clothes

This is what her new clothes make her do!

Week 21

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