Friday, April 1, 2011

A Very Clifford Party

Madeline loves tiny, tiny Clifford (Clifford Puppy Days, and Clifford the Big Red dog. We decided to theme her 3 year old birthday party all around that famous dog. Grandma Linda, Andy, and GG were able to come to celebrate. (Grandpa Ross, Grandma Jenna, and Great Grandma Searl are still under the weather so they are going to come visit in a few weeks.)

3 years old 109

Very tempting presents waiting for Madeline on her big day!

changed 3 years old 005

Then we had a quick photo shoot in the dining room.

3 years old 153

Then we let Maddie pick where to have lunch. McDonalds!3 years old 156

Will is taking this birthday very seriously!

3 years old 157 Madeline took this picture of Nick & I. Then we headed home for nap time and got the party table all ready!

3 years old 1113 years old 1123 years old 116edited 3 years old 106



Clifford chocolates I made. Thank you YouTube for the instruction videos!3 years old 118

As soon as dinner was over Madeline gathered all the gifts and the family and was ready to open. We were able to Skype with Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna and Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally. Isn’t technology fabulous! Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of everybody as the weekend goes! Smile

First Birthday Gift
Our Tablescape
Gift Time
Happy Birthday to You

We love you Madeline Schindler!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Look Who Is THREE!

Today our little Madeline turned 3! These have been the fastest 3 years.

Here are a few pictures from our birthday photo shoot.

edited 3 years old 003edited 3 years old 025edited 3 years old 074edited 3 years old 075edited 3 years old 082edited 3 years old 083

Here are some facts about our baby girl…

She LOVES to talk on the phone. She is always the first to get to the phone and very quick to say hello.

Her favorite reward is a little computer time on sprout or Disney websites.

She is finally loving and happily going to BSF, MOPS, and Sunday School.

Her little brother is in love with her and lights up when she comes running.

She is the fastest trike rider. She can really get those legs moving and she is getting very good at looking both ways before crossing the street on the way to the park.

She carries a Bible everywhere and will tell you all about what is inside (although Clifford and Mickey Mouse seem to pop up in a few stories).

She can climb on and off the potty by herself! (One of my favorite skills!)

Her words and phrases of choice are delicious, no way, GUYS!, Oh Nick, Little Man (for Will), I no like _____, I love this guys it is like a party in the USA, I am so frustrated, how many monies is that, & my tummy hurts I need some Dr. Pepper.

She loves to play school with her stuffed animals and a pair of scissors can keep her entertained for HOURS. Every Sunday I give her the newspaper, a paper sack, and scissors. It provides almost an hour of entertainment. She can be a great helper and is getting pretty good at making her bed and helping me put away the laundry. She keeps us on our toes and sure brings lots of joy to our family. She is a chatty little girl with lots to say. We love our Maddie Grace!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Loves his rattle

Will loves his rattle and his bouncy seat. He is an easy to please kind of guy.  You sure can’t beat his laugh.

Our Happy Guy