Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi DAD!!!

Hello Daddy!!!
We sure are missing you. Here are a few pictures of me this morning..just in case you forgot how cute I am. Mom made the new shirt and hair bow while I was taking two wonderful naps yesterday. I am headed to nap right now so Mom can update the blog. We love you and miss you!
Madeline Grace & Mommy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eric & Sally

Eric and Sally have hit the road and are on their way back to Oregon. Madeline and I are home alone. Nick is in New Mexico for Safety school. Tonight I think we are going to watch some girl movies and eat lots of ice cream! Here are some pictures of Eric and Sally right before they left for the airport! Thanks for coming to visit you guys!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Babies LOVE slide whistles!

Here is part of the Kindermusik group! Thanks to Aunt Sally we got some cute group pictures. The slide whistle really helped capture our little ones attention! The first picture is without the golden slide whistle and the second is with the new photography trick! I think I'm going to look for one on ebay.

The Schindler Visit!!!!

What a fun time we are having with Aunt Sally and Uncle Eric!

There have been lots of wagon rides. Madeline has a new favorite of watching the road go by in her wagon!

There have been lots of sewing for the girls.

Sally has made a quilted game mat for her friend and I worked on some baby gifts. The boys have enjoyed playing with their cameras and taking funny pictures of our Madeline. This is the view of Madeline crawling towards you. Scary!!!

This is the view from above!
Madeline even made some time to help Daddy with his reading!

We went for a picnic and a hike out at the Wichita Mountains. Here are a few family photos. It is a great workout carrying a 24 pound baby around!

Here is Madeline with her Uncle Eric! Thanks Uncle Eric for being the weekend photographer!

There were lots of cuddles, tickles, and laughs.

This is how Madeline feels about everyone leaving tomorrow!

The End!