Wednesday, July 25, 2012

T day

T day was Totally Terrific. We Tried to Take advantage of all the T Things we could find.

To begin we Took a Trip to the Library, Tried to get our grocery bought, Took a check to the credit union. Then we Traveled home for Turkey Sandwiches and Tuned into the Price is Right.Then the crazy T day fun began. We Took T-shirts and Tie-Dyed them.

Here is the before. Can you Tell Madeline Took this very seriously?

edited 1

Here is the wonderful Kit from Wal-Mart. It was Totally worth the money.

edited 2

Here is Madeline’s shirt she wanted polka-dots. She helped me choose the placement and put on the rubber bands.

edited 3

Here is Will’s, we made his a spiral. He was Taking a nap.

edited 4

There are no pictures of the dye doing. It Took both of my hands and Madeline’s. The kit came with really nice squirt bottles. It was really easy for Madeline and not messy. Then we wrapped them in plastic wrap. Madeline’s favorite part. She loves cling wrap. She wants to wrap everything in it. I found her leftover peach covered in it in the refrigerator the other day.  In 7 hours we would have our shirts.

edited 5

We Took a picture of Madeline’s Teeth.

edited 6

We made Tamale pie for dinner. (black beans, chicken, corn, onions, garlic, chili powder, and cheesy polenta on top) YUMMY!

edited 7

We Took some Time to work on Telling Time. We made a clock and practice with the o’clocks.

edited 9

Then Madeline lined up her kids and Taught them all about Time.  Will heard us talking about Time and put his monkey in Time out. He said Go to Time out and carried the poor money to Time out, then he kissed his face off when he went back to get him.

edited 8

Finally Nick arrived home for dinner. When I told Will it was Mexican for dinner he asked if there was cheesy dip, guacamole, chips, and rice. I think he has been eating too much Mexican Fiesta. We did have some yummy queso and guacamole.

edited 10

After our food settled we played some Twister. Will just liked to jump on the circles. It was good practice for right and left. We are still working on that skill.

edited 11

Today we put on our new shirts. I think they came out pretty good for our first Time Tie Dying.

edited 12

edited 13edited 14edited 15

They sure look like siblings.  Today Totally wore me out. Till next time….

Monday, July 23, 2012

S day

Super Duper S day. It was a Sunny day so the Schindler kids went Splashing and Swimming in the pool. (It is impossible to take pool pictures while containing William.) We met our friends Sarah, Simon, and Griffin at the pool. After a few hours of Swimming we were Starving. Then Karen and the boys (Gabe and Gavin) arrived to eat lunch and swim.

We enjoyed Sandwiches. Madeline had 1/4 peanut butter and 1/4 turkey. Here she is Stuffing her face.

Will Shoveled his in and was thrilled that it was Shaped like a triangle.

Simon Shared his Strawberries.

Will Stuffed in some String cheese.

Simon was on the lookout for S words. He had to Smile in his Shark Shirt with his Super Mario brothers Snack.

After Safely arriving home from the pool we Shared Stories and Will did some Snoring. I Sealed the new grout and Madeline Supervised. I also re-caulked the Shower and removed Soap Scum. It is So exciting around here. Then we Shucked some corn for Supper.

We had some yummy Steak and muShrooms.

Will enjoyed the corn the most. He actually Stole Sister’s corn and ate all of it!

Listen for Delicious

We were going to do a Smoke out and have S’mores but at 8:00pm it was Still a Stifling 100 degrees! We just enjoyed some Sinfully good chocolate cupcakes. Now everyone is Silently Snoozing and I am Shuffling off that way, Shhhhhhhh.