Friday, July 8, 2011

Guess who thinks chicken is funny?

For some reason Will got the giggles during his first taste of Gerbers chicken dinner.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Grandma Linda, Andy, and GG headed to O’Fallon to spend the holiday weekend. We had lots of fun which included…

4th of July 031

Hello Ladies. He is our Little Man. He was just tipping his hat to us. We were on our way to eat at a yummy local German restaurant. I tried to get us a discount with the last names Schindler and Wisecup.

4th of July 0614th of July 0664th of July 067

The boys worked on installing a water softener. Future visitors know that we now have soft water.

4th of July 069

4th of July 076

There was lots of time for kisses, cuddles, and playing!

Then on the 4th of July we pretended like it was my birthday and headed to IHOP! The famous funnel cakes are finally back. It has been years and yes every time we go to IHOP I asked when they were coming back!

4th of July 032

They were as AMAZING as I remembered.

4th of July 0334th of July 035

They even came out and sang happy birthday to me and gave me a yummy ice-cream sundae.

4th of July 0364th of July 037

Yep, I ate it ALL!

4th of July 042

Crazy eyes! Don’t they look alike!

4th of July 043

Then we loaded up and headed to the Cardinals vs. Reds game4th of July 086

edited 4th of July 112


edited 4th of July 117Impossible to get everyone looking great!

4th of July 0474th of July 0484th of July 051

Madeline’s first bite of a real ballpark hotdog!

After the game we went through DQ and drove to watch the fireworks. Both kids passed out in the car. What a fabulous holiday weekend. Thanks for driving down guys!

Whipped cream

Will sure enjoyed his first taste of whipped cream at the cheesecake factory!

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