Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finished Project

Here are a few pictures of the finished playroom. I wish I had pictures of what it looked like before. Just imagine a not good yellow on all the walls and ceiling, toys piled in the middle of the ugly tile floor, broken blinds, and a crazy looking ceiling fan. This is what it looked like when our Sunday School class was all finished. I think HGTV would be proud!

play room project 038

(How great is the curtain Amy made????)

This is the view standing in the doorway.

The floor are rubber tiles that just snap into place. They are nice and cushy and we even got extra incase there is a spill or two.

play room project 036

Yes, I painted the seaweed..thank you clip art and overhead projector!

play room project 027

Natalie painted this seaweed and I guy in our class (Brett) made the toy shelves.

play room project 022

The rules painted free hand by Mandy Fish!

play room project 034

I think the fish looked pretty great in the room. It really helped that the ladies added bubbles on the wall around the fish and drops of water on the jumping fish. I even have about 5 extra fish. Sooooo….if anybody has a need for some wooden fish.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tinker Bell

Tonight Madeline actually got to wear her Halloween Costume. It was the squadron Trick-or-Treat party. The children went office to office and the parents enjoyed all the snacks in the lounge. It was very fun! I took a few pictures of Madeline before we headed to the big party.  After the party we dropped Madeline off at the churches babysitting and went to our Sunday School mission project. I have never seen Nick clean so many toys. We sorted and organized and scrubbed and scrubbed. We will head back up tomorrow to put everything in the painted room. What a busy weekend.

sq trick or treat 046 croppedsq trick or treat 050 cropped sq trick or treat 006 edited

sq trick or treat 047 cropped

 sq trick or treat 062 smaller


It all began on a cold Saturday…. Our Sunday school class is redoing the playroom at a local women’s shelter. We decided on a fish and ocean theme so I whipped out the clip art (love clip art), the overhead projector, and  big piece of wood. After I traced the fish, Nick cut them out. I sanded and sanded and then Tara and Natalie helped me paint them all. Who knew it would take so many coats of paint. I think they came out pretty cute! Great job team. I can’t wait to see the finished room with the new bookcases the guys in class made, the curtains they made, and new flooring! It is going to be a busy weekend and I am going to pretend the whole time that we are on HGTV!