Saturday, May 21, 2011


For Mother’s Day Madeline made this super cute planter at the Home Depot building clinic. They even gave away plants to go inside. We decided it might be kind of fun to paint. Also, it is ALWAYS more fun to do a project in your pajamas.

6 months old 1136 months old 1146 months old 115

Will was very busy supervising and eating some Gerber poofs. Rough life around here. Smile

Friday, May 20, 2011

6 months old

We can’t believe that William is already 6 months old! Amazing how fast time is going. Here are few pictures of our little cutie. The hat belonged to his Great Grandpa William Morris. I think our William is going to have a much larger head.

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Will has become champion at sitting up and is grabbing everything in sight and putting it in his mouth. He has just started lots of different fruits, vegetables, and cereal. He loves it all! He has started taking two great naps a day and sleeping very well at night. Lately it has been from 8:30pm until 7:00 am. Sometimes he still wakes up for a chat and snack at 4. We are working on getting rid of that little habit. If he wasn’t so darn cute! He loves his lovey and anything that rattles or makes noise. He is enjoying using his two front teeth to chew on EVERYTHING! He is very good at saying Dada and Maddie and I work with him on that important M sound everyday! His favorite entertainment is his big sister who make him laugh and her singing almost always stops his crying.

If you wonder what Madeline looked like at 6 months, click here.

We head to the dr. for his appointment in a few weeks so we will get a weight, length, and the all important head size check then.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Portland 2011

What a fun week we had in Portland, Oregon visiting Sally & Erik!  Here is a quick review of our week.

Here is Will ready for his first flight. The kids did a wonderful job on all our flights. It made the trip so much more enjoyable.

Portland 2011 006

Here is Madeline. She really loved getting to choose her drink on each flight. The peanut snack was yummy,too. We won’t mention the fact that she left her travel bag in the airport and we had to have them bring it to us on the plane, or that I temporally lost my ticket, or that Nick had to go back on the plane to get the phone he forgot. Portland 2011 007

Here is Maddie & Sally enjoying a smoothie in Eric & Sally’s  BEAUTIFUL new home!

Portland 2011 012

Eric’s first experience feeding Will.


Portland 2011 029

Getting ready for our adventure to the ocean & cheese factory!

Portland 2011 036

Here we are riding in the mini van Sally & Eric rented. It made traveling so much easier! Did I mention Eric loved it?

Portland 2011 040

Little Will napping on the way.

Portland 2011 042

This is Sally & Eric’s fishing hole. Isn’t it amazing!

Portland 2011 049Portland 2011 050

Madeline took this one!

Portland 2011 057

Here we are at the ocean, it was so windy and cold.

Portland 2011 059

The cold coast

Portland 2011 061Portland 2011 066Portland 2011 067Portland 2011 071Portland 2011 073Portland 2011 074

This group shot was taken by the nicest couple from OKLAHOMA!

Portland 2011 075Portland 2011 079

Here are the kids at the Tillamook cheese factory. Did I mention they a free sample cheese buffet? Seriously, the best factory tour ever.

Portland 2011 081

Finally big enough for some shoulder time.


Maddie wanted a sucker instead of the yummy ice cream. Can I say one big sticky mess?

Portland 2011 082

Here we are getting our ice cream!

Portland 2011 083

I took this one myself because everyone was too busy eating.


Portland 2011 084

Uncle Eric tried to share with Will.

Portland 2011 088

Maddie loved the delivery truck and didn’t want to ever get out.

Portland 2011 091

Yep, I went back for a second ice cream cone for the trip home. I was on vacation!

Portland 2011 098

Eric and Nick took the kids to the park everyday, sometimes twice a day. They did sort of stick out as the only men there.

Portland 2011 104

Will enjoyed the stroller ride and tried to put anything he could in his mouth.

Portland 2011 106

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Pizza Schmizza.

Portland 2011 112

Aren’t they cute?

Portland 2011 114Portland 2011 118

Will & Aunt sally seem pretty happy. The pizza was super good!

Portland 2011 119

Maddie can sure make her brother laugh.

Here we are at Nick eating in the yummy Tarheel restaurant that is in Eric’s building. (The Mia Hamm building)

Portland 2011 131

Anybody remember the doors Oprah’s cameras went through the other day on their tour of Nike. Yep, those are them and yes we got to go on the same fabulous tour. Thank you Uncle Eric.

Portland 2011 132

Here is my how great Uncle Eric section. This is his name on the way for all his patens. His name is up there at least 8 times! AMAZING!

Portland 2011 134Portland 2011 139

This is Will’s I am in the arms of an inventor face. Smile

Portland 2011 141

Maddie was getting a little tired of pictures at this point in the vacation.

Portland 2011 142

Still part of the beautiful Nike campus.

Portland 2011 144Portland 2011 146

This is the best tour ever!

Portland 2011 152Can you find Maddie in the pink flowers? Check out the new bunny shoes. We actually got to meet the converse designer that designed them!  We told him how much we loved converses and volunteered our testing of any!

Portland 2011 159Portland 2011 162

Here we are on our way home. This didn’t last long but was pretty cute!

Portland 2011 169

I am a baby robot, where does she come up with this?


Some of the events not pictured were… church, a fun picnic, BBQ with a bunch of Sally & Eric’s friends, meeting Sally’s sister, swimming an Nike (twice), outlet mall shopping, the best sub shop, Costco (twice), movie night, walking Sarah the dog, and lots of laughing! Thanks Eric and Sally for the super, wonderful, fantastic vacation. See you in O'Fallon soon, I hope!