Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Time!

I know many of you have said that I am crazy for already having my Christmas decorations up...but I LOVE Christmas!!! This is the first year in quite a few that Nick and I will be home for Christmas and we are even having both our families come and visit during the holiday. It should be super fun! So I thought I would help everyone get in the Christmas spirit by posting some of our holiday pictures and of course use my favorite model to show things off. She is really starting to love rolling over and being on her tummy. She is such a little chatter. She just talks and talks and talks. She wakes up talking, she falls asleep talking, she tries to eat and a talk, take a bath and talk (getting a few bubbles in the mouth), and of course play and talk. She is a real joy!

Madeline loves the decorations!

This is my new village set! It lights up and everything!

Here is our fireplace. I still need to find a cute stocking for Madeline.

Our tree has a million,billion lights on it! I love nighttime!! I have all our gifts wrapped and under the tree except a few that are still coming by UPS! (Thank you fly lady and your holiday planning schedule!)

This is our new piece of furniture we got last weekend. Merry Christmas to me!

I put wreaths on all the front windows. I have always loved that and I got wreaths super cheap after Christmas last year and super great suction cups at the dollar store!

Madeline said that she loves the wreaths and has been a super good girl this year!

Here is our nativity set in our dining room.
Now, everybody go decorate!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Drinking Problem

We discovered tonight that Maddie has a slight drinking problem, she is even making slurping noises!

Crazy Fun Weekend!!!

We have had such a busy weekend! It all started with Nick and I heading to Oklahoma City for my 10 year college reunion!!! My parents came on down to Altus to stay with Madeline. I had a great time seeing old friends! Here are some of my wonderful girlfriends!
Then we celebrated my mom's 61st birthday!

She is shocked by her gift from my Dad and he sure thinks it is funny! Madeline was very cute during her bath time and put on a show for the family with her frog!

Madeline enjoyed having somebody different feed her those yummy vegetables.

Then we put up our Christmas tree!

And of course there was lots of card playing!!!
We had a great weekend! Thanks for driving down Mom & Dad!

We Love you!