Saturday, July 16, 2011

Old Friends and Angry Birds

Yesterday we were able to meet up with one of my favorite friends and her family. For four short years I was able to teach across the hall from Diane. It was so much fun. I think I spent every free break goofing, I mean working, in her room. She is an amazing teacher and was a wonderful mentor. Matter of fact if there are any fellow teachers reading this blog be sure and check out their blog. HERE 

angry birds 004

Diane has 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters. Only two came along but boy did Madeline love them. Madison and Maddie even went and road the carousel (or circus as Maddie calls it) and then they tried out a few games. When it became Maddie turn to try she actually won this angry bird! I wish I would have had the camera out when she came running back into the restaurant to tell us. I don’t think her feet were even touching the ground and her eyes were as huge as saucers. Madison looked like she was in shock. She just kept saying she couldn’t believe it.

angry birds 007

The two Maddie’s at the game!

Now come back and visit us again Schmelzer family!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Day

Every year our church has a water day for the kids. They divide up the kids in two age groups and have all kinds of fun water activities. Madeline’s amazing Sunday School teacher, Miss Sharon, called her to remind us and so we HAD to go. Will was the youngest and I think he might have even had the most fun just splashing in the pool. But I forgot to take any pictures of that!

water day 2011 001water day 2011 003

Here is Madeline and Miss Sharon going through the human car wash!

water day 2011 006

Here is Madeline’s favorite spot, right next to Miss Sharon. She was stuck like glue to her!

water day 2011 009

If she wasn’t stuck to her side she was on her lap. Isn’t it great being so loved by your Sunday School teacher!

water day 2011 014water day 2011 016water day 2011 019water day 2011 020

These are the pictures Maddie took from her car seat on the way to dinner. I think Will might love his sister! He sure looks huge in these pictures.

Sometimes being a housewife can get a little tiring making the same three meals a day. So I am stealing this idea from my Facebook friend Sarah. Food faces! You know it really made cooking breakfast more fun! Watch out future house guests.
(scrambled eggs hair, cheese bow, strawberry nose, grape eyes, and peanut butter banana)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today during Will's morning nap Maddie and I baked a special brownie kit. It came with special pans and edible paint. It sure was fun!

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