Monday, October 7, 2013

First Day Success!

edit first day of kindergarten 016

Here she is coming out from her classroom!  She said it was great and that she didn’t have one tear. She declared that it was way better then Mommy school at the kitchen table.  We learned that they had church and sang a song she didn’t know. The preacher told about the food bank but she said she didn’t really listen. They did number work and it was sort of hard. There was arts and crafts time and her friends made pictures for her and gave them to her. She loved PD (Physical Development, they even change clothes to a PD uniform). She said she sat at the wrong table 3 times at lunch but finally figured it out and found her class. Recess sounded like an adventure that involved a girl who Madeline said was wearing a tablecloth dress (gingham uniform dress) not being nice to her new friend. This resulted in a trip to find Miss Webster. Miss Webster told them to just tell the recess teacher. As the evening wore on more tidbits of her day began to come out. It sure was an entertaining dinner time. She even had reading homework and words to practice. This school thing is no joke.  Thank you Lord for a fabulous first day!

Year 1

Today is Madeline’s first day at St. Mary’s Academy here in Mildenhall, England. It is only a .6 mile walk from our doorstep and is a very cute school. She was excited to go and we can’t wait to hear all about it in a few hours. Here she is this morning.

(They call Kindergarten Year 1 here in Jolly Ole’ England)

edit first day of kindergarten 009edit first day of kindergarten 017She does love a photo-shoot and has been practicing some new moves. Will was standing behind me in awe of her professional moves. Maybe he will learn from her. How cute is her uniform? first day of kindergarten 003edit first day of kindergarten 025edit first day of kindergarten 030edit first day of kindergarten 041

  Watch out world here comes Madeline Grace. Last night she prayed for a Best Friend in her class and even requested for her to be named Ellie. She wanted her hair curled this morning because she was sure her teacher would notice how fancy she looked. She double checked her backpack 3 times this morning to make sure she had everything. She had a million questions and looked so brave walking into school biting her lip to not cry. We are now praying for Miss Webster and all her 29 other classmates to have a fabulous day and maybe for a cute, fun, sweet, and kind best friend.

This one is from my phone and I think it is super funny! It looks like Will is pushing her out the door.


Sunday, October 6, 2013