Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Day of Bible Study

Wednesday was our first day at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). It was introduction day. We are waiting to here if we got into a class or if we will be placed on the waiting list. Madeline had a rough time. She was crying so hard they were on their way to come get me when the intro class ended. So let’s all start praying for how Sunday morning goes with the nursery and Bible study. It sure isn’t easy to be 2 and have this much change at once. She even told me in the car that she cried because she was just “pooped out”. So everyone say a prayer around 8:30 Sunday morning when we are dropping her off and 9:10 Wednesday morning.

first day of BSF 004

She was so excited to go to “school”.  I should have taken an after picture. :)

first day of BSF 007

We even matched in our color choice. Can  you believe I’m already at 34 weeks? Not too much longer until we meet baby Hotdog.