Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Surprise

As a super fun surprise for Thanksgiving Nick and I flew Space A to Seattle , Washington. We rented a car and drove to Portland, Oregon to Nick's brother's house. We arrived at midnight Oregon time and 2:00 am Altus time! It had been a 14 hour trip!!! We arrived and surprised Eric, Linda (Nick's mom), and hugged Sister-in-law Sally who had been in on the whole thing! We have had a great Thanksgiving filled with Wii, food, great friends, and lots of family. Below are some of our pictures. We hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. Miss you Mom and Dad..and Maddie says Gobble, Gobble!

Nick, Maddie, and I sitting on the plane waiting to go on our adventure.

Madeline with her ear plugs ...she didn't even try to take them out! What a good girl!

Madeline sleeping with Aunt Sally after her Thanksgiving playing!

Madeline and her new friend Addison. They played and played and played!

Nick and Sally playing Rock Band!!!

Sally and Eric during the song!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Princess

Even with a runny nose and cough she is still our happy baby! We are busy playing around the house with Madeline's favorite new toy. She loves her Noah's ark from Nicole. She keeps putting all her toys in it and then takes them all out...then puts them all in again....and then takes them all out again!