Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Days off…

On the days weren’t seeing the world we loved the base library, BX, note writing, word spelling and the playground!

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(Hi Dad and Mom, I need to go to the movies, Love, Maddie)editiphone 112

Will would hold up the answer to questions. Do you want to eat cake- Yes. Do you want to take a shower- No….editspain 007

We hung out under the trees!

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William actually took a nap in the sunshine. So relaxing.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rhonda and Gibraltar

We took the scenic route to Gibraltar and stopped in Rhonda. Look at the beautiful sky!

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Olive trees were everywhere.

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"El Tajo" Bridge connects old and new Ronda.editspain 523

editspain 522

Then on our way to Gibraltar we saw an Aldi. You know we had to stop. We even bought a few things.

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This was the 3rd time I had a monkey on my head. They kept wanting to get Williams drink cup I was holding. The first time I kept screaming for Nick to help and he just laughed. Smile

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You have to walk across a runway to get to Gibraltar. So on our way back to our car they closed the gates and we watched this plane land.

editspain 677

The interesting part for me was how the town part of Gibraltar felt just like we were back in England. Some of the shops were the same, our bank was there, and lots of fish and chips.  The views were amazing and to say we could see Africa was crazy. I’m so thankful we added it to our list.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Next stop on our fast paced tour of Spain was Italica. It is right outside of Seville and is the home of MANY Roman ruins. The kids loved this place. It was all outside with lots of places to run. William also liked all the arrows pointing which way to go.

The tile floors in the homes were beautiful. I can’t imagine how long each one would have taken!

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William tried to take over Nick’s job as map reader.

editspain 386editspain 367editspain 354

editspain 352

Just walking down a Roman street checking out the neighborhood.

editspain 375editiphone 131Then came my favorite part the coliseum! Maybe the kids favorite too because they loved running in the tunnels.editspain 433editspain 446editspain 450editspain 455editspain 504editspain 470editspain 472

editspain 491

Then we stopped across the street for a nice dinner of fried fish, chesse, bread (with amazing dipping sauce). Yum!

Friday, December 27, 2013


We just had a few minutes before sunset so we just did a fun walk around the town of Moron. spain 334editspain 321

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Will loves to knock on every door. Yes, he does have pant issues. Madeline just loves to pose for pictures. They are a pretty cute team.

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Isn’t that a beautiful church? It was huge. Everywhere you looked there was something gorgeous.