Saturday, January 1, 2011


We headed to Ohio on the 27th to celebrate Grandma Linda’s wedding. We had a super yummy rehearsal dinner at the club at Wright-Patterson on the 27th and a beautiful wedding on the 28th at Linda & now Andy’s church. It was nice being able to introduce Will to the family.  Let me just add this note, it is WAY harder to travel with two children then just one!  Will also decided that the wedding reception would be a great time to have a blow out and to spit up all over me. I’m not quite sure my outfit will ever be the same again. I am asking a lot out of the dry cleaners.

Christmas & Wedding 034

Grandpa Ross, Grandma Jenna, and Will at the rehearsal dinner. We caravanned to Ohio from O’Fallon. Madeline loved trying to see the big red truck out the car window.

Christmas & Wedding 212

Grandma Linda and Andy. Andy was discussing the “rehearsal” part.

Christmas & Wedding 213

Madeline Grace enjoying her dinner.

Christmas & Wedding 224

The family!

Christmas & Wedding 237

Argyle was the theme, but Nick didn’t get the memo. Smile
Christmas & Wedding 243

We were super excited to see Aunt Sally & Uncle Eric.

Christmas & Wedding 248

We couldn’t get Will away from his GG.

Christmas & Wedding 258

The Schindler, Arwood, Wisecup clan.

Christmas & Wedding 265

Andy’s kids and grandkids.

Christmas & Wedding 269

I love my family!

Christmas & Wedding 272

Maddie & Grandma Linda getting ready for the wedding.

Christmas & Wedding 283

Look at the handsome 6 week old!

Christmas & Wedding 289

Madeline & Nick practicing their smiles.

Christmas & Wedding 323

Nick, Linda, & Eric… Next time Nick does this it might be with our Madeline in about 30 years.

Christmas & Wedding 327

Now this is where the pictures end due to a busy 2 year old, a messy 6 week old, and a nutty sleep deprived mom. I am hopefully that Andy’s daughter Wendy got some pictures of the gorgeous reception and all the yummy food!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Haircut

While we were in Ohio for Grandma Linda’s wedding Will had his first haircut.  JR has cut all the Schindler boys hair and Nick always makes sure to schedule a cut when we visit. Madeline even got her hair trimmed by JR…

Here is our little man getting a neck trim. He kind of had a mullet…

Christmas & Wedding 044Christmas & Wedding 045

Will’s first haircut

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here are some highlights from our Christmas adventures.

Christmas & Wedding 007

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus cupcakes.

Christmas & Wedding 110

Maddie trying to teach Will how to smile for the camera.

Christmas & Wedding 152

Madeline reclining on the presents and Will trying to not spit up.

Christmas & Wedding 116

Some more Christmas Eve sibling love.

Christmas 2010 015

Who knew it was so hard to get everyone to smile at once?

Christmas 2010 006

Madeline telling us why she should open her gifts early.

Christmas & Wedding 051

Madeline woke up around 7:30 Christmas morning and REFUSED to come down until I put her in this Christmas dress. She had even gotten it out of the closet the night before to be ready.

Christmas & Wedding 188

Here she is revealing her tiny kitchen from Santa. She was sort of disappointed because she thought Santa was going to be at our house that morning. That is why she had to put on her Santa dress.

Christmas Morning

Christmas & Wedding 196

You can’t beat Mickey Mouse toys!

Christmas & Wedding 011

We finally tried out our new basement and game table. Thanks Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna for helping us rearrange the furniture.

What wasn’t pictured was the hours Grandpa Ross spent with Will. He is the baby Will go to guy. He can get him to sleep in about 30 seconds!!! Grandma Jenna and Madeline played and played. This included kitchen time, bath time, picnic on the floor, and story reader.

The Grandparents even watched the kids so that Nick and I could do some after Christmas shopping and returns. We had forgotten how much easier some things are without kids and car seats!  We sure had a fabulous Christmas!