Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving Day

We have been asking everyone to pray for a smooth Schindler move and let me just say that when God answers He answers above and beyond.  We were blessed with the nicest packers. They were so kind to Madeline, had wonderful attitudes, and I even heard them singing Jesus Loves Me with Madeline a few times. 



Does this look like 22,000 pounds of stuff?


Chief Roy, Rob, and Cory

Yes, only in Oklahoma do you have a packer who everyone calls Chief. :) He has been packing for almost 30 years and is set to retire next year. Rob drove the truck all the way to O’Fallon and met us at the new house. Madeline was so excited to see her new friend!  Cory is Chief’s son and has been packing for almost 15 years! Madeline sure loved following them around the house.

023 021

My little posing princess.


This was the view as they were closing up the truck. I think the other end of the rainbow was over O’Fallon!

Tea Party

Natalie hosted a precious tea party for the girls. She had set up the cutest table, hung fun lanterns, yummy cookies, and the highlight was the pink marshmallows!
Thanks for the great pictures Natalie!


Look at those mouths full of marshmallows!


How cute is Eva?


The decorations Natalie made!


Violet, the happiest baby in the world!


Mostly the girls wanted to play chase.


I think Isabella is the fastest!

smaller 090

Look at those cute girls! They sure are going to miss each other. Heck I sure am going to miss them.

smaller 110

Then the girls changed into play clothes and did laps around the living room. Thank you Natalie for the fabulous day Natalie. My turn next, just head to O’Fallon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The next few posts are going to be filled with the last few fun events in Altus. Nick’s office (Flight Safety) had a little going away lunch at Tommy Joes. It sure was yummy and a great time visiting with friends.


Lt. Col. Cole giving a review of Nick’s time at Altus.


Trent and Nick, they have both been in Wing Safety working side by side (really their desk were by each other for awhile).


Madeline and Tara enjoying some BBQ.


Lew, Eva, and Violet came to celebrate. (How about Nick in the background???)


Here are Nick’s 4 out of 5 bosses he had while at Altus.

Lt. Col Durbin, Lt. Col Cole, Nicky, Lt. Col Maddox

(Lt. Col Teagan has already moved)


Natalie, Julie, and Tara. What great friends!!!!


Eva and Madeline being silly. Isabella was at Mom’s Day Out.

Thanks everyone for coming out!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

OU Game

This weekend we were able to go watch the OU vs. Air Force game. It was so much fun. Grandpa Ross and Grandma Jenna drove from Branson (there for work) to go to the game and watch Madeline. The day was super HOT, but lots of fun.

ou game 026

Here we are at the game! 32 weeks into having baby Hot Dog.

ou game 027

This is the view from our seats with the other 83,000 fans! What a fun afternoon of some Sooner football. It sure was a close game. YIKES!  I wish I would have gotten some pictures or video of the flyovers. They were super loud!


Thanks for coming down. Sorry I didn’t take more pictures of the fun times. Did I mention that Grandpa Ross and Grandma Jenna are driving home with a car FULL of all the things the packers will not take. (All our liquids, propane tank, chemicals, and my favorite sparkle cake stand) Thanks guys!