Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sickness, Teeth, and Wagon Rides

This week Nick and Madeline have been super sick with the tummy flu. They have spend much of their days laying together on the couch with tummy aches. Nick was so sick he went to the doctor 4 days in a row and didn't eat for 4 day and slept most of those days! He is feeling better but still a little bit queasy and very tired of dry toast and applesauce! Madeline is eating like a champ again and trying to pull up on everything!She even has a teeny bit of a tooth showing up! When it finally makes it's big appearance I will try and take a picture. Today was project finish day and I worked in the sewing room finishing tons of projects. I finally got Madeline's cushion made for her wagon. I was going to buy some new fabric but decided to just use this really fun farm fabric I bought with my sister-in-law when I was in Portland. I even made a pillow to match to increase the comfort! We took many rides around the living room trying out the new wagon accessories! Here she is doing the final inspection to see if it is up to Radio Flyer Wagon standards.Madeline waved at Nick each time around the couch and even waved at the guy on TV a few times! She has been chatting like crazy today and trying to tell us all kinds of things. I think I even heard Mommy a few times. Her favorite toys are still the forbidden remote controls and cell phones. Hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't get this crummy flu! It is the worst, just ask Nick!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trip to Wichita

The Schindler Family took a little trip on this three day holiday to Wichita! My Dad just turned 60 so we went to do a little celebrating and a lot of card playing. While we were in Wichita Nick and I snuck away and got to go to the movies and do some shopping while Madeline played with the Grandparents! Madeline even got to finally meet Uncle Junior. She sure studied him and thought he was was very interesting to watch. Great Grandma Searl was very impressed with Madeline's hand clapping, waving, and talking. Madeline put on the complete Madeline Schindler Show for everyone to enjoy.
We had a great time Mom and Dad! Thanks for the great trip!