Friday, July 1, 2011

First Movie

Madeline and Nick had their first Daddy Daughter Movie date. With Nick enjoying his day off from work he took Madeline on an adventure. They headed to the matinee movie of Cars 2.

4th of July 021

Can we say EXCITED! First movie in a movie theater!

4th of July 024

She didn’t last too long in her own seat. Nick said all of a sudden she had climbed into his lap for the whole movie. What a fun first movie date.


Nick had a day off work so we got up early and headed to the St. Louis Zoo. If you get there the first hour of the day the children's zoo and the carousel are free! It was great to get there so early and then come home before it got too hot!

4th of July 002

Madeline brushing the goat. The goat kept pointing to exactly where he needed it.

4th of July 004

We go to the carousel just in time for the last free ride of the day. Madeline even got the animal she wanted!

4th of July 0064th of July 019

Will and I just got to watch. He though it was pretty funny watching his sister go around in circles. (You can really see those bottom teeth in this picture.)