Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Game

Today was the last Mighty Smurf Game. It was a perfect day. To wrap up the season Madeline scored her first goal. She actually had two goals!  What a huge improvement from the beginning of the season.

Smurf Final Game 009


Warming up with the favorite pink ball.

Smurf Final Game 041

A little pep talk from Coach Paul.

Smurf Final Game 044

A quick reminder of which goal is our goal. (We scored two goals for the other team this week.)

Smurf Final Game 060

Here she goes for the score…

Smurf Final Game 065Smurf Final Game 066

AND SCORE!!!! Check out the excited fan in the background.

Smurf Final Game 069

Here she goes for score number two!

Smurf Final Game 091


Here she goes in the tunnel after the game.

Smurf Final Game 105Smurf Final Game 135Smurf Final Game 136Smurf Final Game 138

Check out the end of season treats. A medal, trophy, cupcake, and soccer ring!

Smurf Final Game 131

We can’t forget the number one Smurf fan!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Yes, sometimes she even wears herself out.

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We have entered the into everything phase! There isn't a cabinet he hasnt opened, a button he hasn't pushed, a window not licked, and now a fake tree unpotted. Fun times!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bath fun

Sometimes they play nice...

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple week

This week we are reading about, learning about, and eating apples. Too bad I ran out of red food coloring.

My helper!

This was her apple inspired cupcake. Now I must go taste test.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Uncle Eric & Aunt Sally

Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally came for a short weekend visit. They came to see the kids and celebrate Nick’s 34th birthday! Here are some of our adventures…

First we went to the Zoo! We got there early enough to enjoy the carousel & pet the sharks.

DSC_0053Eric and Sally 002


Then it was on to the ARCH! When we told Madeline she was going to go up in the Arch she asked where is the door. Then as we walked closer she ran super fast so she could touch it. She was so curious about what it felt like.Eric and Sally 007Eric and Sally 012


Here we are on our way up in the arch in our little pod.


Uncle Eric and Will enjoying the view from the top.


Madeline loved looking all around and what to know what every building was!





Waiting in line for the ride down.


Celebrating Nick’s birthday with an adventure to the German restaurant and then some cake.

Will loves the food!



Will & Uncle Eric were best buddies. Eric carried Will everywhere and always loaded and unloaded him from the car. What a team!


Then it was soccer picture day and a great game against the Green Lanterns. (We creamed them)


Madeline drove the ball all the way down the field and just barely missed the goal. Next week is the last game, we are hoping to end the season with a goal.


Will was wanting to get out there and get the ball! He clapped and clapped for his sister.



Then it was church day. We spent the afternoon playing outside, smoking out pork, watching football, and relaxing! Thanks for coming out to visit us Schindlers! Come back again soon!