Friday, June 8, 2012

TACC 20th Anniversary

Tonight was a big night of first. The first time I have seen Nick in his fancy Air Force outfit and the first non-family babysitter for the kids. 

Here is Nick getting his ribbons all ready for his uniform. The last time he wore it he only had one and it was Eric and Sally’s wedding.

editedTacc 20th 003editedTacc 20th 005

Here we are getting ready to leave. (Thanks Karen for the dress.)

edited Tacc 20th 012

It was so much fun I couldn’t help but have gummy smile.

editedTacc 20th 007

My BSF buddy, new MOPS mentor Mom, friend, and mom of our fabulous babysitter. Shelly is too much fun!

editedTacc 20th 010

Shelly took this one of us. They also a photographer there taking prom style pictures. I felt 18 again!

editedTacc 20th 018

Nick’s shoes had a blow out! I think it might be time to upgrade, especially because he is going have a hard time not taking me to more of these fun events.

editedTacc 20th 017

Here is Ashley the worlds greatest babysitter! She even brought a bag filled with activities. Both kids were sound to sleep when we got home. BEST DAY EVER!

Our “Prom” Picture

I thought this was the most funny part of our night out. If only party pix would have been there. Smile


Nick said we should Photoshop the kids in the bottom and make this our Christmas card. It might be as good as it gets around here. Smile

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

C Day

After a full morning at church working on VBS we headed home for C day! After we put William down for a nap we got to working.

First we made some Chalk paint with cornstarch.

edited C Day 001edited C Day 010

We made purple, pink, and yellow. We tried all different brushes and even a little bit of splatter painting. It was actually really fun.

edited C Day 015

Then we made Chocolate dipped bananas. We melted peanut butter and chocolate and dipped cut up bananas. Then were placed in the freezer. (We enjoyed them before bed and they tasted like vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter.)

edited C Day 026

edited C Day 031

After working on our verse and handwriting we did a Crayon scratch art and practice writing the letter C.

edited C Day 032edited C Day 033edited C Day 036

Little Will woke up so we headed outside to play with the Cozy Coupe Car. Madeline loves to ride in it and on it and she even makes poor Will push her all over the yard.



Little Man got his hair cut yesterday. It was a horrible experience. He screamed the entire time. When Nick got in the chair to get his haircut Will tried to protect him by yanking off the cape and pushing the lady away. Now I just need to find some good hair gel to keep the hair swooped over. As Grandpa Ross says it is all in training the hair how to grow.

edited C Day 050edited C Day 063

Finally Nick came home from work and on a whim we headed to City Garden in downtown St. Louis. edited C Day 072We ate Joe’s Chili bowl. I had a Chili Cheese Coney Dog. I was really trying to stay with the C theme. It came with a huge thing of fries that I HAD to dip in the cheese sauce. The restaurant is right there in the garden overlooking all the fountains. BEAUTIFUL.

edited C Day 067

When we finished eating we headed for a walk and splash through the garden. This is as close as Will got to the water.

edited C Day 084

Madeline LOVED it!

edited C Day 087

edited edited C Day 077edited C Day 099

Yep, they have life guards and let the kids jump in the fountains. It was so hard to get her to leave.

edited C Day 127

So as we were leaving at 7:00pm we decided to stop by the Missouri Botanical gardens. It is free on Wednesday night and has a concert.  We had to park pretty far but the gardens were beautiful. It just got dark and the picture taking had to stop. They encourage people to bring picnics and sit and enjoy the concerts.  We will be back with our picnic!

edited C Day 137edited C Day 139edited C Day 147

Nick and Madeline come out of the maze.  We finally left around 9pm. Madeline was asleep before we made it past the Arch and Will was wide awake the whole way home. They are so different.  This was a very busy C day and I am ready to CRASH.

Monday, June 4, 2012

B Day

Today was a Beautiful day to Begin the letter B.  We started with some Bathing Beauties.  They didn’t even do battle in the bath. It could be because our Bible verse was Blessed are the peacemakers.

edited B Day 056edited B Day 058

Then we filled an entire Bucket with water Balloons and invited all the Boys to play.

edited B Day 066edited B Day 072edited B Day 075edited B Day 078

We also did Bean Bag toss and some Basketball.

edited B Day 079

I think these two might be sitting a bit close. Smile


Here is Gavin, Gabe, Simon, and Maddie Grace.


That Bucket of Balloons didn’t last to long so Sarah kindly started making more.  We had to stop for some Brownies & milk in a Blue cup.

edited B Day 100

edited B Day 101

We made B’s out of Bubble wrap. But I forgot to take a picture.

edited B Day 103


When Will woke up we played some Basketball. Then we had our Jell-O Boat snacks.

edited B Day 105edited B Day 108edited B Day 116edited B Day 122edited B Day 125

We finished our day with BBQ on a Bun with Baked Beans and a little Mickey Mouse Bingo. I am all B’ed out it is so time for BED.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Letter A continued…

We wanted to go to the St. Louis Art Museum for A day, but Nick really wanted to go so we waited until Sunday.  On Sunday afternoons they have a family tour and activities. This month it is all about dragons.

First we made a project…

edited B Day 003edited B Day 010edited B Day 016

Then we headed off on our tour. First they stopped and taught us how to identify the different dragons. Each region used a different number of toes. Then we went on a scavenger hunt in the Asia section for all the dragons. We had to count lots of toes.

B Day 029


Then we headed back for a story and another art project. These things are totally free and fabulous. There were only about 15 children on the tour. I think we will try to make these a monthly outing.edited B Day 035

edited B Day 036


Here we are outside the Art museum eating our Apple.

edited B Day 049

We ended our day with some yummy guacamole made with Avocados.