Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Year Check-Up

I finally got around to taking Madeline in for her 2 year well baby visit.  Here are the stats:

Weight: 30.5 pounds   87%

Height:  36 inches   86%

Head Circumference: 19 inches  83%

The percents are out of 100 children Madeline weighs more then 87, taller then 86, and has a bigger head then 83 of the children.  At least she isn’t odd proportions, big head and little body! He said she looked fabulous. We are finished with shots until she is four years old and we will go in for another kidney scan when she is 3 to see if her kidney reflux has healed itself. We also get to enjoy 2% milk instead of whole milk. It sure is nice to go to the doctor when there is nothing wrong and you just get to see how big your little girl has gotten.  We are so blessed to have such fabulous health care and such a nice pediatric clinic. Thank you Nick for working so hard!

Here is Madeline waiting for our check-up.

2 year check up 001Here are a few pictures from our 2 year photo shoot.


003 She sure is getting to be a big girl and so much fun. I can’t wait to see all the adventures we have in the next year!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Little Singer

Tonight Madeline just started singing this song. I was laughing so hard I had to record it. Does anybody know what song this might be? I sure can’t figure it out. Maybe it is her own creation?

Future as a Make-up Artist?

This morning as I was putting away laundry Madeline demonstrated how tall she has gotten. She reached my make-up bag off the bathroom counter. She is fascinated with mascara! She loves to watch when I put it on. I guess she figured she could do it too!  Right now she is hiding from me so I won’t wash it off. 

She has actually requested more pictures please.

make up 006 smaller

make up 005 smaller 

make up 003 smaller

I’m just thankful she didn’t poke her eye out. Note to self….put make-up bag up even higher! Now to go do some face washing.