Saturday, December 19, 2009

Super Saturday

Well, I did a horrible job today. I guess today was so super I forgot to take pictures. So here is a run down of our day. Madeline woke me up around 7:30 with a nice loud Mommy and some other words. Not really sure what she said but I think it was something about breakfast. After a tasty breakfast we played with Daddy (who is on holiday break from his masters).  Madeline loves to try and put her shoes on. She must have worked on them for a 1/2 an hour. She had them both on just her toes when she finally brought them to me.

Saturday 003

The she opened her card from G.G. (Great Grandma Erma) It was another really fun singing card. She loved it and even ran to find her other singing card and sometimes she had both songs going at once.

Saturday 006

Saturday 008 

Then it was time for me to go and get my color and haircut. (I forgot to take a picture) The camera went dead while I was gone so Nick didn’t take any pictures of the Daddy Daughter time. Then is was time for our squadron’s 80’s themed Christmas Party. Nick and I at the last minute decided to dress like two 80 year old people. I wore my Mama’s black hat, black skirt, knee highs that were are smooshed down at my ankles and a black blazer. Nick wore my Papa’s suit with suspenders. He wore it pulled up WAY high. He even parted his hair and slicked it down. Then  of course he put change in his pocket and jingled it all night. I had a cane Nick had made me out of an old pool cue stick and a tennis ball. Do you think I thought about taking a picture? Nope, not until we were both in our pajamas!  Madeline spent the evening at the churches parents night out with Miss Mary and Miss Carol. Still no picture. Finally when we got home I remembered to take a picture. Here is Madeline and Nick right before she headed to bed.

Saturday 014

Be ready for Splendid Sunday…Hopefully I will do better!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Today was a fabulous Friday. It started nice and early. I heard Madeline give Nick a big loud Hi on his way out the door this morning. Nick then brought her back to me and we snuggled in bed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Friday 003

It can sure make you thirsty getting dressed and waiting for Mom to do your pig tails.

Friday 004

Then we headed on over The Shaub’s house to have a cookie decorating party with Natalie, Isabella, Tara, Eva, and Violet.

Here is Madeline and Isabella waiting on Eva.


This is the yummy spread Natalie had waiting for us.


The girls favorite part was the putting on of the sprinkles.

Friday 017 

Madeline was enjoying some of her hard work.


Isabella and Madeline were comparing noses.

Friday 022 

Here is Eva and Tara. At their workstation.

Friday 025

Madeline decided she liked the little table too!


Here is Tara, Me, and Natalie relaxing while …


the girls destroyed Isabella’s room!  The girls are wearing the aprons I made them for Christmas.


Here is a video Natalie took of our little dancers. They really are cute together!


As soon as we left the cookie party we headed to Nick’s work for a Christmas luncheon. It was YUMMY!

Friday 039

Madeline decided she didn’t need a nap today. UGH!  So we went outside and clean up a few dead things and then read a bunch of books. Madeline enjoyed yummy left over cheesy potatoes from the luncheon, some chicken and a pear.

Friday 041

Madeline has decided she likes to rearrange her toys. Here she is pushing her table down the hallway from her room to the living room. She was very proud of herself when she got to the end of the hall.

Friday 042

Tonight will be an early bedtime! Be watching for Super Saturday. Let me just say it involves a certain mom getting rid of some hair root issues. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Wow! What a fun busy day. I actually got a little visit from Madeline at 2:00am. I heard the sound of little foot pajamas on the tile floor and then I see her standing next to Nick checking on him. Then she turned around and went back to bed. I went on down to check on her and she was trying to get back into bed. She went back to sleep and slept until 8:50am! What a nice early Christmas present for me! After breakfast and a shower it was time for Little Tad to take a nap. Madeline loves using the couch arm rest covers for her babies.

Thursday 003

We were headed out to do some shopping downtown and we needed some gas.

Thursday 004

Madeline was waiting patiently in the warm car while I was outside FREEZING!

Thursday 005

We met up with Isabella and Natalie downtown. Here the girls are giving each other a little kiss. They are so funny together.

Thursday 014

Here we are outside the shops. She was so patient in her stroller as we went place to place. I think the granola bar and the fruit snacks I gave her helped.

Thursday 016

Then on a whim we decided to eat at McDonalds!

Thursday 023

This is the first time the girls have really played in the play land. They climbed and climbed and climbed.

Thursday 029

Thursday 030

It was so nice that they had two steering wheels. We didn’t even have to practice our sharing skills.

Thursday 033

We headed on home for a nap. Madeline must have talked to herself before falling asleep for at least 30 minutes. She even came out of bed once said Hi and headed back into bed. After naptime Madeline decided she needed to take all her books out and spread them around the floor.

Thursday 034

During naptime I sewed basket covers for her new baskets.

Thursday 037

Here is Madeline enjoying a yummy dinner of Nick’s famous pulled pork.

Thursday 040

With the Christmas craziness our UPS guy doesn’t come until after 6pm each night. Madeline is wearing her new hat that she got on our shopping trip. She loved opening the big boxes. One was filled with a fun Christmas present from Andy. A yummy breakfast kit.  The coffee smells so good! I can’t wait to make it tomorrow morning. Thanks Andy!

Thursday 041 Thursday 048

The next box was filled with Christmas packages for Grandma Linda and Great Grandma Erma from Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally. Madeline loved taken everything out and putting it back in over and over.

Thursday 042

Then she moved onto the Christmas card basket. She read each card and pointed out all the babies.
Thursday 044

Then she noticed that baby doll was looking tired. She wrapped him up and laid him down.

Thursday 051

Then I guess she was tried because the next thing I know she was laying down covered up and saying Shhh.

Thursday 052

And during all this excitement this was Nick. He has a HUGE paper due tomorrow night for him master’s class. He doubled up this term and he has been crazy busy. We will be glad for the holiday break.

Thursday 047

I hope you guys enjoyed Thrilling Thursday. Get ready for Fabulous Friday! Thrilling Thursday wore me out! I’m headed to bed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wacko Wednesday

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday… what a busy fun day. This morning we had to get up and get going. No being lazy in our pajamas. Madeline’s friend Eva was headed over to play and my friend Tara was headed over to chit chat. Violet was just coming to hangout and be a cute baby. Here is a picture of Madeline waiting for Eva and playing with her stuffed dog from Uncle Eric and Aunt Sally. She must have gone to the door 10 times checking to see if they were coming.

Wednesday 001

Finally all our friends arrived. The girls had a great time playing and learning how to share.

Wednesday 005

I think Eva liked the hug.

Wednesday 006

Still saying CHEESE!

Wednesday 009

Madeline and Violet had a staring contest. I think Violet won. Madeline was so interest in Violet and just kept tickling her and saying Baby..shhhhhhhh…

Then it was time for lunch. Yummy avocado and chicken salad with some triscuits and orange. She was so busy eating she wouldn’t even cheese for me.

Wednesday 016

After lunch we mailed our Christmas cards..finally!

Wednesday 015

We were completely worn out from all our fun and it was time for a nice long nap. 1pm-3pm ! Woo Hoo for me!!! After I laid her down for nap she came out of her room to check on me. She said Hi and I helped her find her way to her room and into her bed. She came back out again about 5 minutes later and said hi to me in the living room and then bye. She walked back to her room. I checked on her a few minutes later and she had crawled into bed and gone to sleep. I didn’t take a picture of her escapes because I didn’t want to encourage that little trick. :)

After nap it was craft time with our Tinker Bell marker book. But the most fun part is the taking off and putting on of the caps.

Wednesday 019

Wednesday 022

Can you believe it is dinner time again?  Tonight was spaghetti. Here is Madeline at the beginning of dinner.

Wednesday 027

and at the end…. she does love spaghetti.

Wednesday 029

We had hurry and get cleaned up and head to Wednesday night church.  I am the director of the preschool (babies – kindergarten) Wednesday night Mission Friends program. Each month we have a different SBC missionary that we learn about, pray for, and even do projects for. It is a fabulous program that teaches our little ones about how important it is to tell others about Jesus.  This week was a little different because the older class that I teach with Natalie and Laura were going to be in choir the whole time celebrating their big performance. So these pictures are from the previous week. Here is our kindergarten class with Natalie, Me, and Laura in the back.


Here is Madeline hanging out in her classroom.


Here is Isabella and Madeline with Mary and Carol. The two greatest teachers. Madeline spends Sundays, Tuesday, and Wednesday with them. To say she likes them is an understatement!


After church we made a Wal-Mart stop and Braums trip for milk and then little princess was yawning and in bed by 8:00pm. What a busy day. Thanks for checking our Wacko Wednesday and get ready for Thrilling Thursday!