Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ride ‘em Cowgirl

On Saturday the town of O’Fallon had a picnic for all the military families. There were games for the kids, free lunch, lots of the towns businesses had booths and gave away some fun stuff! They even had ponies for the kids to ride. Madeline wasn’t too sure about it and was grumpy the whole time riding the horse but that is all she talked about the rest of the day!

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Gotta love stink eye!

Friday, June 10, 2011

7 months old

We took Will in for his 6 month check up today. He will actually be 7 months old on Monday! Can’t believe it! He is weighing in at 22.6 pounds, 28.1 inches long, with a 18 1/2 inch head! He is in the 99% for all area! He is just a big boy.  Dr. Doyle said he looks fabulous and he sure was a chatty thing while we were in there.  I think the Dr. Doyle’s stethoscope was the most fun toy he had ever laid eyes on. He wouldn’t stop grabbing it and looking at it. 

Here is what our 7 month old is doing…

*Talking, shouting, laughing, and even snorting when he gets tickled.

*Loving his “office”.

*Will happily sit on the floor and play with his cars for LONG periods of time.

*He is not a big roller over and is pretty happy to lay on his back and eat his feet.

*Starting to like tummy time a bit more.

*Takes two naps a day and 3 out of 5 nights sleeps through the night.

*Loves when his sister dances. That always puts him in a great mood.

He is a very happy baby and super easy to deal with, as long as he gets his food!

He is nursing every 4 hours and enjoys breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the family. He hasn’t found a food he doesn’t like and gets super happy when he gets to feed himself poofs, cheerios, and yogurt melts.

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We love you Mr. Will!

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