Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farewell OKC

This week Nick has been taking a class in Oklahoma City so Madeline and I have been doing a farewell tour. We made a list of our favorite eating places and we are going right down the list. As an added bonus Natalie, Isabella, and Ethan came to OKC one day and the girls played and played while we enjoyed Cheesecake Factory and shopping! Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Madeline at Sid’s Onion Burger in El Reno.

(featured on Man vs. Food)

schindlers & okc 004

The fries at Sid’s! YUMMO!!!

schindlers & okc 005

The famous Onion Burger!

schindlers & okc 006

Then for dinner we had Bellini’s. (Nick took those pictures on his phone, not sure how to get them on the blog) But it was just O.K., not as good I remember.

Then it was play with our friends day. If you ask Madeline what she likes to play with Isabella it is always the same answer. CHASE!

These videos are mostly for the girls entertainment. They love to watch themselves!


Here are the friends at Cheesecake Factory. Natalie and I forgot to take a picture of ourselves!  But we were on the other side of the table showing them how to pose for the picture. The heads together and smile shot. They only got the heads together part.

schindlers & okc 011

Then the next day I got together with my old college roommates from my Junior year. (Wendy, Rebekah, & Amy)We had a great lunch at Big Truck Tacos. The line was super long. It was crazy. It was so fun catching up with friends. I think the last time we were all together at the same time was our Junior…that would 13 years ago!!!

schindlers & okc 004

Besides all this fun there have been nightly family pool parties, shopping, and watching Elmo in bed while eating fruit loops.  Now for our last day….

GG, Grandma Linda, and Andy come visit

Last weekend GG, Grandma Linda, and Andy all came for a visit one last time in Altus. It was a quick trip with mostly playing with Madeline time. Madeline was very impressed with Andy’s house building ability.

smaller schindler visit 054

Our before church traditional picture.

smaller schindler visit 072

Madeline, Baby Hotdog and I ready for church.

smaller schindler visit 080

Thanks for making the long drive!