Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Little Sheep

Today was Madeline’s school play and music program. Adorable!  It was so cute and the children had so many songs and so many lines. Amazing work for Year 1 kids (kindergarten).  The story was about a midwife who was trying to find Bethlehem castle, she just knew that is where a king would be born. Well, she does end up finding baby Jesus in a manager. The beautiful part was the last lines when the midwife talked about how she thought the king being born needed her but really she needed this king.  The lighting was crazy in there so our pictures didn’t come out great but I did take video.

**Special thanks to our friend Jenn for coming an watching William so we could enjoy the show. I’m not sure she will ever offer again. William tried to run away and at one point was throwing such a large fit a neighbor stopped to check and make sure everything was alright. He did calm down after a first crazy 10 minutes..but still. I think tonight she counting her blessing for having older children.


Sunday, December 8, 2013