Saturday, March 3, 2012

Arch Madness

This morning we loaded up the family and headed to downtown St. Louis. It was Arch Madness Time. We were thrilled to watch number 15th in nation Wichita State play in the semi finals. Everyone (including Nick) had on their shocker wow wear.

We tried to keep Will busy with popcorn. But really I held him for most of the game. He was pretty much only happy when I was standing. It might have been the longest game of my life. 30 pounds has never felt soooo heavy!

Maddie loved the nachos.

She was the best cheerleader. Except when she fell asleep for part of the second half. That is also when the Shockers fell apart. I totally blame her and Nick's sweatshirt wearing for the 64-65 loss! Now we are hoping the shockers make it to St. Louis for the NCAA tournament. I'm extra thankful that thanks to the grandparents those games will be kid free.

YouTube Video

Look at all those Shocker fans!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So we are slowly buying our dining room pieces off eBay. First the table and now the arm chairs. They arrived via greyhound bus. Let me just say the greyhound station in St. Louis is an ADVENTURE! A man was trying to change his bus ticket destination because he had found love. Yep, the lady he was sitting next to in the waiting area turned out to be his soulmate. He was very disappointed that Greyhound did not have a love option and they would not change his ticket. He then decided the $25.00 for a new ticket wasn't worth his love connection. Here are our new chairs. Now we will be just a few more pounds over our weight limit when we move again.

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I wish sharing always went this well. How do you like the after nap red cheeks? Every day he has the reddest chubbiest cheeks.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Beautiful day

So the kids played a little bit outside today. I see a long bath for both of them, very soon!

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Here are a few of the simple joys around the house.

The big new chair box. Could it get any better then this?

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It even had a fence.

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Will can finally enjoy a fun game of chase around the dining room table.

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Every time they came around the corner I would say I see you. So here Will stopped pointed and said I see you. He thought he was pretty funny.

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Sometimes when you run really fast your eyes get dried out. Madeline is working on a solution, sunglasses with a pair over her mouth to keep it from drying out during the loud scream.

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Now Will has been caught but the 6 eyed monster.