Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hide and Seek

Can you tell we have been playing a bit of hide and go seek? He sometimes even makes it all the way to the number 10. Maddie is a great hider and Will is a great seeker so they make a pretty good team.

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Birthday Party Fun

Today we headed to Gavin’s birthday party at the O’Fallon Fire Station. We had a blast!

editted Fireman 257


Maddie and Addie waiting for their turn to ride on the fire truck. They took them around the town.

editted Fireman 285editted Fireman 324editted Fireman 350

Yummy fire truck cake made by Gavin’s Mommy Karen. Madeline with all her loot from the piƱata! What a fun afternoon.

Last game

Today was our last soccer game. Madeline really stepped up her game. It must have been the private lessons from Grandma Jenna and Will last week. Smile

editted Fireman 096editted Fireman 100

editted Fireman 141She even scored….. in the other teams goal. Smile

editted Fireman 181

editted Fireman 182editted Fireman 240

What a fun season! Two weeks until T-ball. I think I need to buy more sunscreen.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Searl’s Came to Visit!

Grandpa Ross & Grandma Jenna came for a fabulous visit. Grandpa Ross had a business meeting in Chicago so he came for Mother’s day weekend, dropped off Grandma Jenna, went to his meeting and then picked her up a few days later! What a fun plan. Here are a few of the things we did during their visit.

editted mothers day 012


Madeline had a soccer game. It was so nice to have some extra Will handlers. Although between the 4 of us he still ended up in the middle of another teams soccer game!

editted mothers day 029editted mothers day 051editted mothers day 075editted mothers day 078editted mothers day 089editted mothers day 125


She actually has more fun talking to the players, watching the sidelines and playing with sticks. I’m not seeing an Olympic gold medal for soccer. Smile










After soccer Madeline had Samantha’s Rapunzel birthday party. She got her toes and fingernails all painted. They even had craft time and snack time. Could it get any better?

editted mothers day 308

editted mothers day 200editted mothers day 210

Here we all are for Mother’s day before church. It was a gorgeous day.

Madeline’s Sunday School class had a brunch for the Mommy’s. It was so cute. Madeline had been talking about it for weeks.

Grandpa Ross left Monday morning. Grandma Jenna watched the kids as I headed off to my MOPS steering breakfast/meeting. I couldn’t believe how early I was, it is amazing the difference two kids can make!  Then on Tuesday we headed to Studio M for a little photo-shoot. I had free studio time from my photography class so I invited the MOPS ladies to come use the time with me. Will was Mr. Uncooperative but here are a few cute ones…

edited mops photo shoot 485editted mops photo shoot 048


Grandma Jenna filling in for Will so I could work on the lighting.

editted mops photo shoot 130editted mops photo shoot 305editted mops photo shoot 170editted mops photo shoot 327editted mops photo shoot 481 copy

(This picture makes me laugh!)

That afternoon we went shopping and found some great bargains! Then it was Wednesday morning and our last BSF class. It was so fun have Grandma along to meet all our teachers and friends. Then Nick and I went to a fancy dinner and a movie. SOOOOO RELAXING!!! Then Grandpa Ross came back. Nick graciously took off Thursday and we headed on our vacation to St. Louis.

Here we are at the zoo. Will loved trying to catch the sting rays.


Grandpa and Will headed into the yummy Google recommended fatted calf restaurant. It had the yummiest hamburgers and onion rings. They also serve Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew. The Schindler clan was EXCITED!



Then we went to the craziest place…. THE GOODWILL OUTLET!!

There are just tons of these bins and you dig and dig. You pay by the pound. 79 cents a pound for everything except glass and books which are 39 cents a pound. Large items are individually priced. Grandma Jenna was in heaven. For 3.47 I came away with a brand new Fancy Nancy board game, A Disney princess story book, a Barbie fashion design kit, and a Little Tikes Basketball goal. Will LOVES the goal. He has played with it for hours in the backyard.  Then we headed to the ARCH!

But all the rides to the top were sold out! So we sat on the steps and watched the Mississippi.

Here are a few shots Madeline took with her camera.

(She had Grandma hold her arm out and take this one.)

Thanks for coming to visit! It sure was fun. It sure does make me wish we all lived closer. We love you.